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Harry Potter and
the Sorcerer's Stone

4 Privet Drive Picture Gallery

Small, odd altered picture - must be from British version because Vernon & Harry are in blue (?).

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) sleeps in the infamous Cupboard Under the Stairs.

Greeting the morning, Harry listens irritably to Dudley jumping up and down on the stairs.

Dudley looks a bit peeved by the amount of presents. ::coughs loudly::

Aww, what a happy little family! (Picture changed under the lamp.)

::smirks:: I think this picture speaks for itself!

The Dursleys stare/glare across the table at Harry for getting a letter. Wonders never cease!

Like, ohmigosh, it's from Hogwarts! ::gasps::

A slight variation of the picture above (darker). Urgh, BLACK hair?!

Daniel Radcliffe jumps around happily, unable to catch any of the hundreds of letters fluttering quite close to his hands.

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