Picture Gallery

< >Welcome to the picture gallery! Here you can check out the largest number of movie stills, posters, actor headshots, and set pictures on the web. For the Harry Potter movie, at least. Buwahaha.


Movie Teaser Posters
< >I collected all the posters that have been released, including discolorations and variations. Yes, I was a trifle bored. Blash, blash.

Movie Trailer Stills
< >Stills (most are slightly blurry) from the trailer in order of how they are in the trailer.

Movie Storyboard Art
< >Storyboard art! I think it explains itself, so I say nothing more.

4 Privet Drive
< >Pictures of the set on the so-called "Privet Drive," where Harry Potter is still forced to return year after year.

Introduction to Wizardry
< >Ranging from Hagrid entering the hut to Diagon Alley to the Sorting Hat ceremony; thus, Harry's introduction to the wizarding world.

Hogwarts & the Grounds
< >I also think this gallery is pretty self-explanatory and do not wish to exert myself.

Sets & Locations
< >This page is a work of art! ::grins proudly:: I made it myself! ::cough:: AHEM. Anywho, this page takes a while to load but has a ton of pictures on it from the Stone movie.

Daniel Radcliffe Gallery
< >A load of pictures for you to enjoy of Daniel, in both the SS/PS and COS movies.

Emma Watson Gallery
< >Over forty pictures solely of Emma from SS, COS, and other random events.

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