Prisoner of Azkaban

Film-making and wizardry . . . a perfect match?

Current POA News
< >Most of you know by now that Christopher Columbus will no longer direct the Harry Potter movies, ending with Chamber of Secrets. Alfonso Cuarón, best known for directing the children's story A Little Princess (1995) and the dark, critically acclaimed Mexican film Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001). Cuarón will direct Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, set for a summer release in 2004. He also directed 1998's Great Expectations, a modern rendition of Charles Dicken's novel, with Ethan Hawke. Many of the current cast seem to like him and he looks like a good choice!

Film Cast
< >This is a place for where I store names, pictures, and info on any of the confirmed & rumored actors for for the third Harry Potter movie.

Who Should Play . . .?
< >My picks for Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. You're welcome to submit your own ideas. I want little-known actors or off-the-wall people none of us have ever seen before.

Write the Stars!
< >Been itching to write a letter to pretty Emma Watson, refined Maggie Smith, gorgeous Sean Biggerstaff, hilarious Robbie Coltrane, or someone else? Well, here's your chance to send your favorite Harry Potter actor/actress a letter! And we even have a few E-mail addresses, too!



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