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< >Thanks very much to Lily for these screencaps, which she nicely posted on her website. I converted all of her bigger images (which were in bitmap format) to JPEGS. If you want to see the bigger images, please go to Lily's website.

< >If you run your cursor over the images, you will see a bit of sarcastic commentary from me on most. Others may just be generic or may simply state the obvious because there is nothing else to say, but oh well. There might even be a made-up story, "cleverly" written by yours truly for no particular reason! Ahem, well, enjoy and hugs to Lily for the pictures.


Borgin and Burkes

Oooh, can I touch it too?

Eww, is that what I think it is?

Actually, that's rather cool.  I'd like to see Potter's head like that.

Is this a telephone booth?

It's all about the entrance, Malfoy . . .

. . . and you failed.

You are far too easily distracted.

Even though I admit the thing is rather fascinating, what would Father think?

What would Father think, indeed?

Don't touch anything, Draco.

I was only looking at it, Father, really.

Indeed.  Follow me.

Yes, Father - ooh, pretty!

Hello, Mr. Malfoy.  Is that your natural colour?

Why, yes, Mr. Borgin, it is.  Why do you ask?

I was wondering if I might make a . . . business proposal to you.  In my part time, 
I work at a beauty salon and I think you would like to try a different shade.  Perhaps blood red, using real blood of a Muggle?  I call it Ode to the Dark Lord.

That is an interesting offer, but no, I'm perfectly content with my bleach - er, natural blond.

As is my son, who -

Don't touch anything, Draco!  Must I say it again?

Hmm, I think *you*, my son might need a new colour.  You look a bit pasty.

What, Father?

Really, I've just noticed - that hair is repulsive.  I really think you might 
look better as a brunette, with maybe some gentle blonde highlights to bring out those baby blues.

Er, thanks for the advice, Father.  I think.

When Harry Met Justin

Wow, you are totally not how I imagined you.

Oi!  I can't believe you said that!  Except I might say the same for you.

I Have Angst

Wow, it's cold.  But it doesn't matter.  I have a great view of the castle.

Bloody hell!  Are they playing Quidditch without me?  Again?


Where are Hermione and Ron?

Oh, look, I found them!  And there are my teammates, Fred and George.

Guys, why didn't you tell me you were going to play Quidditch?

Well, let me break it to you gently, Harry - you really suck at Quidditch. 
You're horrible, but we just act like you're the greatest player in the world because you're the Boy Who Lived.  You're also a total idiot.  Sorry, mate.

Harry, wait -!  No, Hermione.  I can't stand being lied to any longer.  I'm 
glad Ron told me what was wrong with me, but I need to be alone.  I'm going to go to my dorm room and cry for a while.  I'll see you when my ego's back in order.  Don't worry, since I'm a sexy movie star - er, a young orphaned wizard - it shouldn't take long.

The Trouble With Polyjuice

Hrm, you look familiar.

So do you!

Midnight Romping

It was Hagrid, Ron!  Wake up, damn you!  The British are coming!

Harry, has anyone ever told you that you're British?

I thought I just talked weird.

No, mate, you're just weird.

I thought I was John Lennon.


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