Cast List

Harry Potter- Daniel Radcliffe
Hermione Granger- Emma Watson
Ronald "Ron" Weasley- Rupert Grint
Dudley Dursley- Harry Melling
Draco Malfoy- Thomas "Tom" Felton
Neville Longbottom- Matthew "Matt" Lewis
Oliver Wood- Sean Biggerstaff
Percy Weasley- Chris Rankin
Dean Thomas- Alfie Enoch
Pansy Parkinson- Katherine Nicholson
Vincent Crabbe- Jamie Waylett
Gregory Goyle- Joshua Herdman
Marcus Flint- Will Theakston
Katie Bell- Emily Dale
Terence Higgs or Adrian Pucey- Scott Fearn
Ginny Weasley- Bonnie Wright
George Weasley- Oliver Phelps
Frederick "Fred" Weasley- James Phelps
Lee Jordan- Luke Youngblood
Dean Thomas- Alfie Enoch
Lavender Brown- Kathleen Cauley
?- Lucien Lawrence
?- Aaron Cartwright
?- Jake Lamb
?- Danni Tabor
?- Romnick Kearney
?- Leliah Sutherland
?- Danielle Taylor
?- Guy Mason
?- Natalie Klamar
?- Lizzie Wright
?- Samantha Whittaker
Susan Bones- Christopher Columbus' daughter (I've heard tell this is true)

Albus Dumbledore- Richard Harris
Minerva McGonagall- Dame Maggie Smith
Severus Snape- Alan Rickman
Rubeus Hagrid- Robbie Coltrane
Lord Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Ridle- Richard Bremmer
Vernon Dursley- Richard Griffiths
Petunia Dursley- Fiona Shaw
James Potter- Adrian Rawlins
Lily Evans-Potter- Geraldine Somerville
Professor Quirrell- Ian Hart
Professor Flitwick- Warwick Davis (also Gringotts banker)
Madam Hooch- Zoe Wannamaker
Mr. Ollivander- John Hurt
Molly Weasley- Julie Walters
Argus Filch- David Bradley
Griphook the Goblin- Verne Troyer (he's American!)
Nearly Headless Nick- John Cleese
Bloody Baron- Terence Bayler
Grey Lady- Nina Young
Fat Friar- Simon Fisher-Becker
The Fat Lady- Elizabeth Spriggs
Peeves the Poltergeist- Rik Mayall
Gringotts Goblin- Rusty Goffe
Gringotts Goblin- Michael "Mike" Edmonds

Animals/Inanimate Things
McGonagall as a Cat- Knut the Cat (recently kidnapped)
Hedwig the Snowy Old- Ook the Owl
Sorting Hat voice- Leslie Phillips
Nimbus 2000- Sticky the Broom (just kidding!)

Unconfirmed/Rumored Cast (Future Movies)
Professor Remus J. Lupin- Ewan McGregor
Sirius Black- Jeff Hordley
?- Patrick Stewart


Sorcerer's Stone

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