< >Many people might start out an "Intro to Harry Potter" by probably giving you a summary about the first book, but not me. Nope. No siree! Not when I've had my coffee and iced apple juice and blinked at the computer screen several ten hundred times! No, I'm giving you the low down about Harry Potter and that's the main fact!

< >Once you have read Harry Potter, you will realize that Harry Potter is a name that will always be with you, for your whole life, no matter where you go, or how you live your life. Harry Potter will always be there, having an impact on your life.

< >You see, Harry Potter is not just a regular, common name, but the name of an amazing person, full of bravery, courage, fear, love, confusion, knowledge, and understanding. Despite being a fictional character, he is the kind of person you can just fall in love with by just reading about his courage, bravery, humor, and everything about him that makes him special and unique.

< >The mystery and magic about Harry is hypnotic and indulging (though, of course not evil and/or satanic). You can't not fall in love with him, as you wait - eagerly anticipating his next adventures, feeling his emotions, laughing along with jokes, and just feeling satisfied when you close the book. That is what a truly classical and historical book is and Harry Potter is truly classical and historical.

< >Harry is this kind of person you know will prevail, yet there are points where you forget that and bite your nails in suspense, wondering if he will survive and if help will come for him and if he will win.

< >This character seems like such a real person that you actually almost feel his own emotions. You can feel his anger, happiness, embarrassment, confusion, pride, and annoyance, his energy is so strong.

< >At the beginning of Sorcerer's Stone, we greet a scrawny, mistreated - if you will - boy who lives with his relatives and seems a little odd, then, we realize that he really is odd, unless, of course, you are an other worlder.

< >Yes, I said "other worlder." I mean that Harry is one. A wizard, to be more precise. We suddenly plunge into a world where there are witches, wizards, sorcerers, sorceresses, goblins, ghosts, ghouls, gnomes (is there a pattern with the beginning letters?), dragons, werewolves, centaurs, unicorns, phoenixes, three - headed dogs, giants snakes and spiders, and much, much more and you just can't help falling into it all, gripping the book in waiting suspense.

< >Although Harry is - if you will - violently thrown into the magic world, with a huge background (which I will not explain; you must read the books to find out) that amazes almost everyone, he handles himself quite well.

< >Harry is also quite brave, though he still has fear, which every "hero" - if you will use that word to explain him - needs. We cannot just have a perfect hero that has no fear - that's just not right and it's very ::switches to sarcastic tone:: motivational ::drops sarcastic tone:: for kids. We need a hero we can respect, not buy action figure of. I'm hoping to everything possible we won't see action figures, but I have heard on the run-a-round that we might just see them.

< >Harry is the hero everyone dreams of reading about. Kind, yet hard, brave, yet still fearful. He enchants us with his remarkable story and powers that he takes us to a place beyond the far reaches of our reality, into our wildest fantasies and dreams, and urges kids and adults alike to deal with their problems and have courage.

< >That is Harry Potter. Developed by a wonderful person for how could J. K. Rowling not be if she made this wonderful character, if not putting some of herself into him? - he is a representation of the grandeur that is possible in our lives if we only work toward that goal. A kind, hard, brave, fearful, humorous, smart character we can all relate to in some way or another and, of course, respect, Harry Potter is a symbol of our times and an illustration of the good side in all of us.

Written in July 1999
Updated: November 19, 1999;
December 21, 2000; May 25, 2001
and May 24, 2002.

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