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< >This place is where you can learn about the backgrounds of a lot of names, things, and places in the Harry Potter. Such as, "Dumbledore" means "bumblebee" and "Remus" has roots in Ancient Rome. Interesting, no?

< >Sad, but true, this is all I have for the moment. If you have any more info on these topics or others, please send them in with the summary that would appear on here and the source(s) you took this information from. You will be credited, so don't worry!!! And send them to! They'll be posted as soon as possible!


Dumbledore- In Latin, I believe, "Dumblemore" means bumblebee. J. K. Rowling said once that she thought Albus "seemed like a bumblebee."

Minerva- the Roman goddess of wisdom, equivalant to the Greek goddess Athena.

Voldemort- In French, "Vol de mort" means "Flight of death." Vol is also thief.

Hermione- Hermione, in Greek mythology, daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus, king of Sparta. Although she was betrothed to Orestes, king of Mycenae, after the Trojan War, Hermione married Neoptolemus, the son of the Greek hero Achilles. Orestes later killed Neoptolemus and became Hermione's second husband.

Remus- Remus was one of twins (brother was Romulus) who were raised by a mother wolf and later founded Rome. The reason the famous city, it is said, is named Rome (instead of something else) is because Romulus killed his twin in a fit of jealousy.

Lupin- This has its root in the French "lupus" and the Latin "lupinus". "Lupine," in English, means wolfish.

Fleur Delacour- In French, "Fleur" is flower and "de la cour" is "of the court." All together, Fleur's name means "Flower of the Court."

Severus [Snape]- Lucius Septimus Severus was a Roman emperor. The root word in "Severus," also, is "severe."

Draco- Latin for Dragon. "Draco" is also the dragon constellation. Draco is rapped around Ursa Minor or the Little Dipper, the tail starts between the pointer stars in the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and the North Star. The North Pole "follows" a circle which is approximatly the same as Draco over a period of 26,000 years; that is, you can't get much more north than that! It is visible all year long in the northern hemisphere. Watch for it!
(The Solomons from "Third Rock From the Sun" come from a Barred Spirial Galaxy on the Draco - Cephius border.)

Malfoy- In French, "mal" means bad and "foi" means faith. Could you say that Draco Malfoy is a "Dragon of Bad Faith"? Perhaps . . .
< >The Scottish word "foy" (with a different pronunciation) means "farewell feast" or "gift". Using the latter, Draco's surname may be a description or even an oxymoron: a "bad gift."

Sirius- the Dog Star and also the brightest star in our sky. The Dog Star (which may be why Mr. Black's Animagus is a dog), or Canis Majoris, one of the bigger stars in the universe - and the majority of it (and the dog constellation it is part of) can be seen between February 1 and March 1.
< >However, as a helpful planetarium instructor has told me, Sirius is a large star, "but there are many (Red Giants in particular) which are much larger."

Ludo- In French, "Ludo" is a prefix that means game. For example, une ludothèque means a place to buy games.

Bagman- In British slang, this is a traveling salesmen. "Bagman" is also associated with who illicitly collects (or distributes) money on behalf of another.

Narcissa [Malfoy]- A narcissi flower comes from the Greek myth of Echo & Narcissus. Echo could only repeat what was spoken to her and fell in love with Narcissus one day. He repelled her & later found a pond where he saw his reflection for the first time. Narcissus fell in love with himself & became the narcissi. "Narcissus" is also synonymous with vanity & self-absorption.

Argus- In Greek and Roman mythology, Argus is a monster of many eyes. Argus Filch obviously gets his name from this, for he is always watching.

Filch- "Filch" is another word for stealing; predominently used in Britain.

Sibyl [Trelawney]- Means fortune teller or female phropet. Sibyl was also any of several prophetesses usually accepted as 10 in number and credited to widely separate parts of the ancient world (as Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, and Italy).

[Madame] Malkin- A malkin is an untidy woman. It's also associated with cats and hares (is Madame Malkin an Animagi?).

Penelope- the wife of Odysseus who waits faithfully for him during his 20 years of absence. (Will Percy marry Penelope Clearwater, then unexpectedly disappear?)



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