Lament for the noble basilisk . . .

< >This place is where you can learn about the legends and mythologies surrounding a lot of things and places in the Harry Potter. Such as Remus comes from the legend about the founders of Rome and that Ron Weasley may actually be based on a figure called Running Weasel.

< >Sad, but true, this is all I have for the moment. If you have any more info on these topics or others, please send them in with the summary that would appear on here and the source(s) you took this information from. You will be credited, so don't worry! And send them to! They'll be posted as soon as possible!


< >A basilisk is a legendary reptile with fatal breath and glance. Unlike the basilisk in Harry Potter - a snake -, the real "legend" - rather, history - of the basilisk is this:
< >The name "Basilisk" is a common name for the lizards of the genus Basiliscus in the Iguana family, of which four species are found in tropical America and Mexico to Ecuador. The name is derived from a mythological monster, the basilisk, whose breath and glance were fatal, as we have already said, Funk and Wagnalls. ::sigh:: The basilisks are from about two to three feet long when fully grown, most of the length being in the slender, whiplike tail. Their back legs are developed far out of proportion to the rest of their bodies, so that when at rest the basilisks squat like frogs. When moving, their either hop on the hind legs or run on all fours. They are lively animals, arboreal - living in trees - and omnivorous, and are "harmless" to humans.

< >The phoenix is a legendary bird that lived in Arabia. According to tradition (and legend), the phoenix consumed itself by fire every five hundred years - I would like to note that Fawkes is obviously not like this - and a new, young phoenix would spring from its ashes.
< >In the religion of ancient Egypt, the phoenix represented the sun, which dies at night and is reborn in the morning. Early Christian tradition adopted the phoenix as a symbol of immortality and resurrection.
< >Phoenix is also a quadrant or area (help, NASA!) in the universe, positioned for earthlings to see in the late fall and early winter.

< >What Fluffy the three-headed dog from Book 1 is based on. In Greek mythology, the path to the Underworld (both a heaven and hell, whereas the Elysian Fields are a sort of Limbo) was a strange one. With a silver coin, one [dead person] went to the shore of the River Styx to meet the avaricious old ferryman Charon. He would take the coin from the crossing-over person and take the soul across the river in his boat. The deceased would have to pass by Cerberus and several other obstacles as tests, and then they could move on to Hades' world.
< >Cerberus is said to also have had a mane and tail made of snakes, though this is disputed. It was the child of Typhon and Echnda. One of Hercules' twelve labors was to capture Cerberus while it guarded the entrance of the Underworld.

Submitted by Riley:

< >Voldemort is derived from the little well known evil wizard named Voldermortist, in another language, Voldermortist means "Lord of Evil" or in the simple form of Voldemort means "Dark Lord". The legend is that Voldermortist once tried to destroy Merlin before the time of King Arthur, by bewitching good people, and simply bribing those who already were evil.
< >Legend has it that Merlin destroyed Voldermortist by using a simple paralyzing charm (full body bind in the case of Harry Potter), fed him to the many headed beast (translated as Fluffy, in the book) of the lake, the Lady of the Lake's pet, freed the bewitched people, and destroyed the evil men. That was maybe twelve, thirteen years before Arthur.

Rubeus Hagrid-
< >One of the early Greek gods was the giant of jewels, or in Greek, Hagrid Rubeus, with Hagrid meaning giant and Ruebus meaning rubul, or jewel. This god was said to be the kindest of the gods, but Hades framed him for the death of Perseus's - the killer of Medusa - son. He was therfore banned from Olympus, but Zues took pity on the poor giant and gave him a job as the keeper of any godly beasts on Olympus.

Ronald Weasley-
< >Ron Weasley, in another language, is called "Running Weasel." Running Weasel was a warlord in the 6th Dynasty. He was a brilliant statigist, and he never lost a game of chess.
< >Unfortunately, he died when a rat that had been dyed yellow by his soldiers for fun earlier that day, knocked over a lamp in his palace, burning it to the ground, and killing Running Weasel. -- Told to us August of 1999.



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