History^s Mysteries!  Wow, that is a good show . . .

< >This place is where you can learn about some of the things mentioned in Harry Potter that have both history and legends. Brush up on some ancient witchcraft here, folks! Well, just legends and history . . . not anything bad, of course!!

< >Sad, but true, this is all I have for the moment. If you have any more info on these topics or others, please send them in with the summary that would appear on here and the source(s) you took this information from. You will be credited, so don't worry!!! And send them to gypsy@HarryPotterRealm.com! They'll be posted as soon as possible!

< >Oh, and by the way, the Realm of Wizardry had the "Running Weasel" info posted before anyone. I would like everyone to know that I had that almost as soon as the site has been in existence. And I'm still angry about a "certain" incident in which my info was copied word for word. ::lip curls menacingly:: Grr. I will NOT pout.


< >Indepth words on the factual backgrounds of things mentioned in the books, such as alchemy and the Elixir of Life.

< >Our favorite authoress has pushed many myths and legends into the Harry Potter. For example, Fluffy is reminiscent of the three-headed dog guarding the Underword in Greek mythology! ::smirks proudly for knowing this::

Word Derivatives
< >Where did J. K. Rowling get all these wacky names for her characters? Do I care? Yes, of course you do! Why wouldn't you want to know where the Malfoys' name comes from?



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