< >A person in August 2002 decided to count up what I was talking about in this editorial and I was proven wrong completely about how many times Geroge spoke compared to Fred. He, the reader and statistician - ::smirks:: - found that Fred has always spoken much more than George. Thank you, kind sir, for yelling at me.


< >This is not a combined character review, or a character review, at all, it's just a little thing where I like to point out about things, like George and Fred. :-)

< >Anyway, it seems to me that George was always the - ahem - "nicer" one. Maybe because he's talked the most of the two so far (at least in the first two books).

< >It seemed and still seems weird to me; George always being the one to talk more; he seems to have more of a personality - "personality" meaning we "know" him better than Fred.

< >Maybe we'll learn and "see" more of Fred in the future. I hope so, since even twins can be completely different.

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