< >This was my initial opinion. I personally now love Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, despite the fact neither embody what I think of Ron and Hermione. Nevertheless, both are sharp, witty, and I adore them. Rupert makes me giggle for long periods of time and Emma's cool. Her prissiness/snobbishness is great. ;-)


Friday, August 25, 2000

< >First impressions are usually the impressions that last - no matter what you learn about the person later. First impressions can be great, but they can also be fatal for show business. ::whispers:: That's why most actors and actresses are pretty or handsome!

< >Anyway, this is my little area where I get to pick at and decipher our newly appointed trio - Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, just from the way they look, and we'll see how close I am to their real personalities, once they start giving interviews or put out bios! ::grins::

Warner Brother's released image.

Daniel Radcliffe
< >First impression: Long neck. ::laughs:: I know everyone reading this is staring at the screen where the letters that have come together to make words and sentences say "Daniel Radcliffe - long neck."
< >But seriously, folks, Daniel has a long neck - check here for what I mean. Maybe it's just the picture, but he looks like he has a long neck and that's what I noticed first.
< >Second, I noticed the hair and the glasses. The glasses are fake and I knew it; they stuck them on him for the picture and the press conference. A little gaudy, but you know, we needed to see what our Harry Potter would look like and Warner Brothers gave it to us. I guess I can't really complain.
< >Thirdly, I liked him. I saw him on CNN on Tuesday morning (I'd gotten home the night before and read some rumors about Gregory Thompson, but luckily didn't post it) and I nearly jumped for joy off the couch. I ran up to the screen and studied Daniel, not really even seeing Emma or Rupert (basically, though, because the camera had been focused on Daniel only) and thought, Wow, they chose well.
< >And personally, yes, they did. I like him - despite everyone else reeling about the fact he doesn't really care for the books. At least he's honest about it!

Rupert Grint
< >First impression - very cocky looking. In the picture near the top of the page released by Warner Brothers, he has this little smirk on his face. It's not a smile, like Emma or Daniel's - it's a smirk. The look that says, "I am so good." I found that hilarious - more so than I was annoyed by the look, because why shouldn't he be a little bit proud of himself? I mean, he just won one of the most coveted roles of the year!
< >Second impression - I always thought Ron's hair would be a little shorter, but I love Rupert's hair. I'm a hair person . . . laddie freakin' dah, yes, I like hair. I look at people's hair first when I meet them . . . and you should see my friends. Highlighter blonde, red, orange, blue, green, purple . . . I love them all. :-)
< >Third impression - a picture done by a newspaper which you can view here was funny to me. Rupert has his chin on Daniel's head or close to it, anyway, and my reaction was to it, "Aww, that's so sweet." Yes, I was being sarcastic! Hehe.
< >Anyway, I also like Rupert. Even though I'm sure the smirk will be a trademark - look at the other picture, right above his name in red. "Rupert's Smirk." Ooh, good title for a book . . . er, maybe not. But in short, I like Rupert! Good choice to the people that picked him!

Emma Watson
< >First impression - a beautiful little girl. I couldn't believe it - I nearly did a double take, because this is nearly precise to the person I thought was Hermione. As my mom once said, you "think of Hermione as pretty, but in a way that you have to look twice to really see it." Anyone agree?
< >Anyway, onto my second impression. A great choice for Hermione Granger - I seriously don't care if everyone else is screaming "She doesn't look at all like Hermione!" Emma is a wonderful choice - she is exactly how I've pictured Hermione, and really, how a character looks is in the imagination of the reader. Some will like the actor/actress, some won't.
< >Third impression - if you look at the picture above, I thought the look on her face was a bit snooty, but I really don't mind. All three of them are extremely happy right now, so let them be. :-)
< >Last but not least, the snooty look is good. If she can pull that off, we'll definitely get our Hermione, who is very smart, and is a bit scornful of the people under her intelligence level. ::grins::

British newspaper released image.

< >In conclusion, these are all great picks to me. I know a lot of people are angry at the selections, but hey, you're stuck with them, and that's it. Look at their good qualities - not the qualities you deem negative. We need less hate in this world anyway. :-)

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