Thursday, August 16, 1999 < >No, this is not a sappy love thing - God forbid it isn't. :-) j/k. Don't get ticked at me, please!

< >Anyway, this little editorial is about the "small" - er - thing that happened between James Potter and Severus Snape. If you have read Sorcerer's Stone thoroughly enough - it was MAJOR, I don't know HOW you could have missed it - you will know what I'm talking about.

< >But if you don't, the deal is, James and Snape hated each other, then James saved Snape's life somehow when they were at Hogwarts together. Yet no one seems to know and everyone loathes Severus Snape more than they hate Osama Bin Laden.

< >I don't even think Harry hates Snape that much. And yes, I know everyone hates Snape - except for maybe Draco and a selected few - but Dumbledore said it in a way that kind of seemed like they were classmates, like he said, like Harry and Draco Malfoy.

< >Okay, back to the real point of this. They hated each other, they loathed each other, etc., we know the story because of Harry and Draco, just we know Harry's not going to end up dead (at least we hope very, very much) and Draco's not going to be a teacher except in maybe being hateful.

< >Again, back to the real point of this. :-) I go off on different subjects, don't I? :-) Anyway, after James saved Snape's life and his own death, Snape could not bear to be in his debt, so he protected Harry all of his first year from Quirrell, though I'd bet if ever asked . . . "NO!!! STOP LYING!!! FIFTY POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!!!" :-) Just my point of view. And I like Snape; he's not that bad of a guy. [See my reasons through my fan fiction.]

< >I do have a point, it's just hard getting to it, okay? OKAY??? ::squeaks like Flitwick:: Okay. Ah, well, my point will be showing up sooner or later. Yep. Yes indeedy!!! Someday soon! It's marked on the calendar!

< >Well, my whole point is I want a scene. ::gets looks and nods to them:: Yes, a scene. I want a small scene where Harry goes up to Snape and just thanks him for protecting him. I don't really care if Snape sizes up on him and doesn't say anything DIRECTLY to him, but . . . I just want a scene like that. We may see a side of Snape we haven't seen before and that would be good.

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