< >This was my initial opinion. While I still do not care for Daniel Radcliffe and first thought his acting of Harry was terrible, I appreciate him slightly now because he is now Harry Potter until he grows up and they have to replace him. ::coughs loudly::


Thursday, August 24, 2000

< >It's been interesting these last few days, especially concerning the press conference in London held on Wednesday, where our recently acquired Harry Potter (AKA Daniel Radcliffe). Want to know why if you already don't?

< >To the dismay and also, happiness, of most of the press (since they now have something they can yell and scream about), Radcliffe decided to tell the truth and say that he has barely read the Harry Potter books (he can't even remember if he got to Chamber of Secrets, the second book in the series) and has said he grew bored with the books.

< >This has enraged many of the Harry Potter fans because - oh dear! - our main man (yes, Daniel Radcliffe) doesn't exactly care for the books so far and actually speaks the truth. Doesn't that show some character?

< >And for Pete's sake - he's eleven years old and - what a shock, even to me - that not all kids read or like Harry Potter. I'm a webmistress of a Harry Potter fan site (HarryPotterRealm.com) and yes, I do love and enjoy J. K. Rowling's stories very much, but it should be visible to everyone else in the Harry Potter fan world that not all people like the books.

< >Unfortunately, now, Radcliffe will now be ridiculed from now to high heaven about what he said - even if it was the truth. Personally, the kid is a great choice for Harry Potter (along with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint who will play Harry's friends Hermione and Ron) and I wish him lots of luck with the movie and the press.

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