< >Ooh, yay, fun, you get to read my ranting opinions and editorials about life in general. Lucky you. ::sticks out tongue and gives people watching raspberries:: THHHHBBBTT!

< >Um, yeah, anyway, this is just my place to rant, rave, mutter, and lecture you people, if you even care to listen. If you don't, just swing gracefully to the music playing. It's nice music. ::has a happy little smile on her face::


James and Severus - August 21, 1999
< >Erm, this is before I read Prisoner of Azkaban (really, before it even came out in America), and it's a little ranty bit about Severus and James. I was uninformed at the time - forgive me (it's updated to make more sense from what was previously posted).

George and Frederick Weasley - August 22, 1999
< >An itty bitty editorial that I wrote about these two Weasleys; mostly a nit-pick about them, but still . . . :-) ::coughs:: Short but sweet. Maybe not.

The Religion of Harry Potter - December 1999
< >And everyone else . . . this thing is ridiculously written, ranty, and isn't at all what I think now. I am still Agnostic, yes, and I believe many points, but I am much calmer about the topic inside and am not as easily offended by certain things.

An Author Who Annoys Me (Greatly) - July 13, 2000
< >This is me complaining about an author I hate. I bought many of _______ __ ______'s books but now I refuse to buy anything of _______'s. Whenever I see books by this author, I often curse under my breath and try not to tear them up, because destroying any book is bad.

He Told the Truth - August 24, 2000
< >This editorial was something I wrote angrily. It concerns what Daniel Radcliffe said about the books - actually called 'em boring and I was more p-oed at Warner Brothers for letting him say this. It rather ruined my day.

First Impressions of the Trio - August 25, 2000
< >My little ditty about the actors/actress playing the famous trio. What I thought about them, etc. (based on looks and what they said at the time).

With Spork in Hand - June 11th, 2001
< >Something I wrote about the last Animorphs book for my English class. ::mutters about being the last person to read Animorphs in her high school, gah::

Literary Analysis - October 5th, 2001
< >My literary analysis essay I had to write based on my summer reading for honors. The novels discussed in this essay are The Catcher in the Rye, The Color Purple, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I received an A+ on this paper about the main characters' all going on journeys to find themselves in their lives and define their individuality.

Flight of Freedom - December 15th, 2001
< >This essay is on Kate Chopin's 1899 feminist novel, The Awakening, where a woman copes (rather poorly) with her living situation in Creole society. She is not of French origin and does not perform well under the "mother-woman" stereotype of the day. Although I didn't finish several sentences and had a weird paragraph, I also received an A+ on this paper.

A Casualty of Life - February 19th, 2002
< >Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, is one that everyone needs to read once they enter high school. It details the life of a black man named Bigger Thomas who murders two women - one black, one white - and is charged with the murder of the rich white girl (the poor black girl's death "only" exemplifies his ruthlessness) in the 1950s. My essay discusses why Bigger is the way he is, and his struggle with himself and the rest of society. 5 out of 6 on the rubric because "no one's paper was a six." Bah.

Virtually No Difference - June 7th, 2002
< >This is my sophomore Honors English final that I wrote (::drumroll to the long explanation::) protesting the lifting by the Supreme Court of the ban on virtual child pornography. I don't expect many to agree with me - my own parents don't. They think while child pornography is sick, virtual child pornography is protected under free speech because it is not showing real children. I don't agree.
< >I received an A- on this (90%) because instead of "seven pages and under," I had nine pages and that freaking lowered my grade. The oral presentation speech of the final sucked for me and I got an 84% on that. ::sighs miserably::

Unrelated Harry Potter Stories:

Death by Water - October 25th, 2002
< >A very short (one page! go me!) story. Full of angst, depression, and other "nice" stuff. I promise you I don't feel this way or have this sort of treatment. I'm just a love-to-depress-you writer.

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