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< >Shows you I don't have much of a life, huh? Well, er, you're probably right, seeing as how this site keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger - oops, Energizer Bunny Syndrome (also known as EBS) kicking in.

< >::starts muttering:: They keep going, and going, and going, AND GOING! AHH! The pink bunny with the bass drum in after me! Ahhhhhhhh!!! ::runs away to some foriegn county . . . like . . . Canada::! Cool people there and it's not the United States! HAHAHAHA! ::cough:: Okay . . .


Kids Short Biographies
< >Pictures, names, nicknames, ages, family tidbits, quotes, and more on all the kid and teenage characters! Perhaps you'll even find out what kind of cheese they prefer.

Adults Short Biographies
< >Everything you might ever want to know (and more) about the adults in the Harry Potter books. That's a rather scary prospect.

Animals Short Biographies
< >Yep, we've even done animals! Thanks to our lovely Meg, we're starting off with Crookshanks and hopefully getting more!

Name & Word Derivatives
< >Roots and backgrounds for many of the characters in the books and what they mean.

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