J. K. Rowling

< >Welcome to the place you can learn about the honorable, extraordinary, and magical, of course, author - Ms. Joanne Kathleen Rowling - of the enchanted Harry Potter series and hopefully more books to come!

< >Okay, a quick disclaimer and notice: I am NOT J. K. Rowling, nor can I forward anything to her, as I do not know her personally or have not (::sobs::) met her yet.

< >Maybe I'll go to England, live with a relative, and stalk her . . . hmm . . . ::coughs and laughs hysterically as people stare:: I wouldn't do that! Of course not! ::keeps getting suspicious stares:: W-what are you people looking at??? Do I have a pimple? Stop looking at me like that! ::runs away and hides like a fugitive for twenty months::


Author Biography
< >Offers a quick overview of our favorite author's vital stats and includes a comprehensive timeline of her life.

Picture Gallery
< >One of the largest galleries of pictures of J. K. Rowling. Various press shots, events, and other settings.

Write the Author!
< >Been itching to write Joanne a letter? I haven't (you can tell her I'm a procrastinator and very shy), but you certainly can!

< >Articles relating to the author and her books; rarely updated but interesting if you're extremely bored.

Books to Read While Twiddling Your Thumbs
< >I read a lot of books and I know how annoying it is to be waiting for the next Harry Potter book. Read some of these!



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