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< >Have you ever heard of the game, "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" Well, whether you have or not, this page is absolutely, exactly, and completely NOT like Carmen San Diego. "Where in the World is HJP?" is about where you've seen advertisements, posters, comics, bumper stickers, etc. It can even be something someone said - for example, commentators at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games compared Swiss skier, Simon Ammann, to Harry Potter.

< >So, as you can see, this is a campaign to figure out how much of an affect Harry Potter has had on society. Are there a lot of ads for it, comics about Harry, people on TV/in the news referring to him, etc., and I know you guys want to help us out! :-)

Submission looks like this (this is an example!):

< >Name: Gypsy
< >E-mail:
< >What I saw: HP poster at bus stop; Harry Potter comic.
< >Where in World: Ontario, California; "Family Circus" by Bil Keane.
(If applicable, please include a picture/image scan with E-mail in .jpg, .gif, or .bmp format)


Harry Potter Spoofs!
< >Actress Rachel Dratch from "Saturday Night Live" and Gilbert Godfrey on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (ugh), both on local NBC, have played the boy wizard in skits such as SNL's "Weedend Update" and the Tonight's Shows "Jeopardy" spoof.
"Six Feet Under" - April 7, 2002 - HBO 9:00 PM EST/PST on Sundays
< >Brenda (Aussie actress Rachel Griffiths) compares her sexy novel character to several women literary figures to her fiance, Nate (Peter Krause), who has no idea what she's talking about. Then she, in an effort for him to understand, compares her character to "Hermione from the Harry Potter books." Nate then nods and proclaims himself semi-literate.
Submitted by Melanie & Gypsy

Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo
< >Professor AnnE Lorenzen teaches a summer program entitled "Quests, Quandaries, and Quidditch--Let's Talk Harry Potter." This is what she has to say:
< >One course for 5th-6th graders and one for 7th-8th graders. Eleven 50-minute sessions. Kids LIKE the website - especially the Rumours link! :-) Kids are currently researching books for more hidden "fun things" like Diagon Alley being "diagonally" and Knockturn Alley being "nocturnally," Mirror of Erised being Mirror of Desire (Erised backwards), etc., etc. Kids also enjoying discovering Latin words and almost-Latin words (Lumen=light, Albus=white, Lupin=wolf, etc.).
< >Her class is usually for adults during the regular school year, called "Quidditch Through the Quandries of Harry Potter." In this and the other classes, too, AnnE says, you get to learn what a "quandary" is!
Submitted by "Harry Potter Professor" AnnE Lorenzen

"The Simpsons Halloween Special" on local FOX stations
< >Spoof of Harry and the gang on this show. (::Gypsy mutters about this show and how unintelligent it is; two seconds later, is mauled by rabid fans::)
Submitted by Lyndsey

Family Circus Comics - April 9, 2002
< >Bil Keane is letting "little Billy (age 7)" draw his daily comics this week. One had to do with Harry Potter. Billy was showing his father, who didn't get it, a golf putter with hair sticking out of it in every direction, with the words "Hairy Putter" underneath it. You can usually find the "Family Circus" in any local newspaper.
Family Circus Comics - December 17, 2001
< >Billy, his arm in a sling and a wand behind his back in the other hand, is being chastised by his father. "You have to realize," Billy's dad says, "that you can't do everything Harry Potter does."
Submitted by Aileen

Comics from The Indian Times
< >The Nancy comic strip by Guy and Brad Gilchrist. It goes like this:
< >Aunt Fritzi (reading newspaper): Nancy, the making of the HP movie is on TV today.
< >Nancy (dressed in HP garb: black cloak and cap, smiles at TV screen): I know.
Submitted by Sushma Sundaram

Nickelodeon "All That" (recent 01-02 show)
< >A really rude HP skit called Harry Bladder was performed on "All That" (::Gypsy finds it sad that she remembers when this show premiered). Hermione is "Her-Hynee" and Professor McGonagall is Professor McGargle. McGargle has a little dwarf with a cup on his head so she can spit in the cup . . . RUDE and SICK!
Submitted by Hermione Malfoy

Get Fuzzy - Nationwide Comic Strip
< >Two Get Fuzzy comic strips where Harry Potter was mentioned. In the first one, Bucky, the cat, tells his owner, Rob, that he made his shoes dissappear, because he's Harry Potter. In the second one, Rob tells Bucky that Harry is fictional (where Bucky replies, "No, no, he's British."). This distresses Satchel, the dog, and he has to retreat to his "happy place." (If you've never seen this particular comic, then you probably are really confused, but it was really funny all the same.)
Submitted by Erin

Hairy Potter T-shirt
< >On the day of our French final, a girl with long blond hair, blue eyes, and glasses came into class wearing beige pants and a white turtleneck. Over the turtleneck she wore a long beige shirt with a big black bear holding flowers in one hand and a pot in the other. Underneath the bear were the words "Hairy Potter." This girl was, you guessed it, Gypsy of HPRealm!
Submitted by Mindy, Gypsy's partner in crime and insanity

The Duplex - Nationwide Comic Strip
< >Spotted in the Seattle Times, the main character approaches bookstore counter and asks, "Do you have Harry Potter here?" The teller replies positively and leaves counter. In the last frame, she has been replaced by a big hairy man holding pots and asking, "Yeah? Whadda ya want?" Stupid, but funny.
Submitted by Taboo

Harry Potter Lookalike Merchandise
< >We got my neice and nephew a toy set from Wal*Mart, the store of the "knock-off" brands. This set included an aged wizard with silver (I'm talkin chrome here) hair/beard, a boy with purple hair, a boy with red hair and a girl with pink hair (all carrying wands), a cauldron, a train station, a red train, a baby dragon and an immensely large-around-the-middle friendly, heavily bearded giant. Can we say coincidence??? I think not. They must have infringed 20 different points of the copyright laws. I figure they did the hair colors (though the 'Dumbledore' guy was accurate, just a little ... blatant) just to cover up the likenesses for the very thick-in-the-head. Oh, the amusement!
Submitted by Bobbin

Charmed Television Show (the WB)
< >In the week of the 22nd of April, the show had a scene where a wizard and Harry Potter were mentioned - no biggie though!
Submitted by Fleur Delecour

Conan O'Brien's Television Show (America)
< >A while back, Conan was holding up Goblet of Fire and said Harry looked like a young Max Weinberg.
Submitted by Amanda

Des Moines, Iowa Central Campus school
Halloween 2001 brought out the best in Central's teachers! On October 31, most of the teachers dressed up as HP characters. (The dorkiest teacher wore a white shirt and said he was the last page.)
Submitted by Angel/Ginny Weasley

Swedish Newspaper Articles
< >A year ago, when I lived in Umea, Sweden, I came across two things in the newspaper pertaining to Harry Potter. One was a comic that showed a boy reading a book and sitting in an armchair which was floating above the ground. His father was leaning around the doorway and saying (in my own translation from the original Swedish...) "So you're still reading Harry Potter..." The other thing was an article concerning J.K. Rowling and the hit that her books have made abroad. It mentioned a number of the languages the books have been translated into and noted that the book will soon be coming out in Chinese.
Submitted by Eliza

Mad Magazine in Switzerland
< >In a Swiss issue of MAD magazine, there was a spoof of Harry Potter in comics. They changed the names of the characters. There was also this cool line where Dumbledore said to Harry 8 in the comic: "The pensieve is for taking things off your mind and forgetting them, like the first season of Baywatch."
Submitted by Sandra

South African Bookstore
< >In East London, SA's CNA bookstore, there was an HP poster, advertising all four books.
Submitted by HarryPotterLover32

Barnes & Noble Bookstores
< >Many of these North American stores in the B&N chain have been celebrating Harry Potter's birthday on July 31st. Check your local stores for any festivities!
Submitted by Lauren

Movie: America's Sweethearts
< >When Julia Robert's character complained that her sister (played by Catherine Zeta Jones) never reads, her sister responded, "I do too! I've read all four Harry Potter Books."
Chicago Daily Herald
< >A columnist used "Harry-speak" in one of his articles. He said that a particular NBC Olympics commentator was the "dementor of sports commentation".
The Heart of Mine
< >In Susan Elizabeth Phillips' book, the main character uses the word Slytherin as a curse word.
Carlton University in Ottowa, Canada
< >This college is offering a half-year seminar called "Wizardry, Magic, Fantasy, and the Harry Potter Phenomenon."
"Circle Around the Moon"
< >Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell wrote this song as a tribute to the young wizard.
NY Times review
< >The infamous horror/mystery/scare author Stephen King says Goblet of Fire helped him get through difficult times after his car accident.
Quoted out of 16 Magazine, all submitted by Eileen Flamel

King of the Hill on Fox
< >Hank comes into Bobby's "environment court" and swears on a Harry Potter book because they can't bring a Bible into public schools.
Peanuts comics
< >About a month before Charles Schultz died (God rest his soul) in Peanuts Lucy was writing a letter to Harry Potter and Charie Brown pointed out that he was a fictional character. Lucy crumbled her letter up and said, "So long Harry."
Submitted by Ingrid

Barbie Potter?
< >On Ebay there was a very interesting Harry Potter item to bid on. Barbie was wearing a dress with HP print, with an ol and a broom and a snitch on it. You could only get the dress, not the Barbie. It was selling for about $1.25.
Submitted by Clare

College Kids Care, Too!
< >In Melbourne Australia in my second year genetics lecture at the university, I saw a Harry Potter folder.
Submitted by Kate

Buffy the Vampire Slayer on UPN
JOYCE: So Buffy, what are your plans today?
Buffy continues giving Dawn a dirty look for a moment, then looks away.
BUFFY: Oh, actually, Giles and I are gonna go to the magic shop for supplies for my new and improved training sessions.
JOYCE: Oh, that's great.
BUFFY: (walking to sink, then to fridge) Oh, yeah, I'm actually -
JOYCE: (interrupts) You can take Dawn shopping for back to school supplies.
Dawn puts down her spoon and turns around, preparing to argue.
BUFFY: What??
DAWN: Mom, I-I thought you were taking me.
JOYCE: Well, honey, I've got the Gurion showing tonight, and there's so much to do to get the gallery ready. (Turns to leave kitchen.)
BUFFY: No, but, see, Mom --
Buffy and Dawn run after Joyce as she walks to the living room.
BUFFY: That doesn't really work for me. We're just going to the magic shop. No school supplies there.
DAWN: Yeah, Mom, I'm not going to Hogwarts. (She giggles at her own joke till she notices Buffy looking annoyed and confused.) Geez, crack a book sometime.
Submitted by RavensWing

Orkney Pun
< >I was on holiday in Orkney and I was looking over the various brochures that they have everywhere in tourist centres. My eye happened upon one that made me groan at the punnage. It had a picture of a man spinning a huge pot. Underneath it said, "Visit the real Harray Potter - Andrew Appleby at Fursbreck Pottery, Harray, Orkney."
Submitted by Ariana Deralte


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