As I flew on my broom, I saw . . .

< >Have you seen a street/avenue/route/blvd./rue/court name that had something, it seemed, to do with Harry Potter? Well, if you have, tell HPR about it here! Include your first name, the street name(s), and where it can be found.


Submission looks like this (this is an example!):

< >Subject: Street Names
< >Name: Gypsy Silverleaf
< >E-mail:
< >Street(s): Vernon Ave., Petunia Ave.; Vernon Road; Myrtle Street; Moon Court
< >Location(s): Irwindale, California, USA; Riverside County, California, USA; Monrovia, California; Rancho Cucamonga, California


Vernon Valley Road in Northport, New York, USA.
Submitted by Clementine

Potter Road in New York state, USA.
Submitted by Arien

Vernon Avenue in Rockland, Massachusettes, USA.
Submitted by Meg D.

Weasel Street in Victorville, California, USA. Potter Road in San Jacinto, California, USA. Severus Drive in Vallejo, CA, USA. Sirius in Irvine, CA, USA.
Submitted by Melanie

Potter Street in Brunswick, Main, USA.
Submitted by Lauren

Granger Road in Akron, Ohio, USA.
Submitted by Jessi

Draco Drive in Burke, Virginia, USA.
Submitted by Sabrina

Petunia Avenue in Middleburg, Florida, USA.
Submitted by Leslie

Myrtle Street in West Cape May & a Shunpike Road in North Cape May, New Jersey, USA
Submitted by Carey

Vincent Place, Penelope Place, Arthur Street, Errol Lane, Ronald George Place, Harry Ell Drive, James Street, George Street, Dudley Street, Parkinson Road, Cadogan Street, Fred Price Courts, Ron Place in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
Submitted by Gabrielle

Neville Avenue in Pittsburg, Pennsilvania, USA.
Submitted by Brooke

Dennis Road in Hupper Island, Maine, USA.
Submitted by Henry

Boggart Road in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada.
Submitted by Gryffindor Girl

Dudley Lane in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.
Submitted by Kristie

Percy Road in Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA.
Submitted by Brittani

Privet Drive in New York State, USA.
Submitted by Angie

Seamus Avenue near Lake Tahoe, California, USA.
Submitted by Chrissy

Ronald Drive in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.
Submitted by Lindsey O.

Pettigrew Street in Durham, North Carolina, USA.
Submitted by Angel of Music

James Road & James Way in Camberley, Surrey, UK.
Submitted by Charlie

Minerva Avenue in Sanford, Maine, USA.
Submitted by Hollymax

Potter Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Submitted by Chelsea

Granger Circle, McGonagall Avenue, Minerva Circle in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Submitted by Maggie Read

Granger Avenue in Modesto, California, USA.
Submitted by Tommy

Hermione Drive in Anniston, Alabama, USA.
Submitted by Spooka

M. Myrtle Street in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Submitted by Erika

Avenue Nicholas Flamel in Paris, France.
Submitted by Gabriela

Myrtle Street in Chicopee, Massachusettes, USA.
Submitted by Danielle

Grimm Road in Newburgh, Indiana, USA.
Submitted by Cho Chang

Sirius Street & Minerva Street in Howrah, Tasmania, Australia
Submitted by Annie Dumbledore

Cornelius Circle in Swift Water, Montana.
Submitted by Emma

Vernon Avenue in Wallinford, PA, USA.
Submitted by Madeline

Potter Street in Haddonfield, NJ, USA.
Submitted by Tasha

Lily Street, Nicholas Street, Harry Triechard Road in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Submitted by Teresa Thomas

Voldermor Street in Delmold, Germany.
Submitted by Marc

George Street in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada
Submitted by Natalie Smith

Irma Drive, Evans & Amos Avenues; Moody Avenue in Oceanside & Freeport, NY, USA.
Submitted by Alyssa

Hermione Street in Coolbellup, Fremantle, Australia
Submitted by Alex

Severus Road in Clapham Junction, Battersea, UK.
Submitted by Stephanie

Granger Avenue in Lewisburg, Oregon.
Submitted by Lazarus

Sickles Street in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Submitted by Camilla

Fortescue Road in Mitcham, Surrey, UK.
Submitted by Stepanie

Granger Avenue in Los Altos, California.
Submitted by Troop89kid

Neville Street in Akron, Ohio.
Submitted by Katie

Phoenix Alley in Cheltenham, England.
Submitted by Zoe Bromelow

Miscellaneous Stuff We Like to Note

< >In Texas, says Stephan, a fan of the site, there is a city named Granger. "And, believe it or not, the Granger High School mascot is the lion!"

< >Western Australia is home to Fortescue River, while Horse Shoe Bend, Idaho is nearby Potter Creek (thanks guys!). In South Carolina, USA, there is Myrtle Beach.

< >There is a Vernon, California; a Mount Vernon in Vermont & Illinois; a Vernon, Texas & a Granger, Indiana; Minerva, Ohio; a Firenze, Italy; a Flint, Wales; a Flitwick, England; a Dursley, Gloucestershire, England; a Snape, England; a Potter, Ontario, Canada; and a Riddle, Oregon. Sirius Point, Alaska is nearby Kiska Volcano, north of Rat Islands.

< >Channel 10 in Sydney, Australia is home to reporter/anchorman, Harry Potter. There is also Sirius Building in ACT, Australia. On the Sonoma State University campus in Rhonert Park, California, there is a building called Salazar Hall.

< >And finally, another fan of the site named Katie likes to note she has a "Dudley, Inc." toilet. Thanks to all of you who gave us your extra info!


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