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< >And the honorable Judge Gypsy Silverleaf declares you guilty of reading Harry Potter too much! ::gasp:: Is that humanly possible? Well, for the truly eccentric . . . Hehe, anyway, have a hip-happening-hilarious time and note that I've made a few comments in blue italics on some submissions. ::grin::

< >If you would like to submit your own list of YKYRTMHPWs, please send me an E-mail them to me! All I ask is that you capitalize words correctly and run a spell check.

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Webmistress YKYRTMHP When . . .

  • You know very well that you will never have read to much of Harry Potter!!! ::sniffs::
  • You say things to people like "Wingardium Leviosa!" and "Expelliarmus!" to trolls and incompetent professors.
  • You've read all the Harry Potter books out so far ten or more times!!! (I have!!!)
  • You follow any kids around with any of the character's names, prodding them to do magic.
  • You often call a teacher you don't like "Snape."
  • You're always getting weird looks from people when you ask if they have possibly seen your toad.
  • Your parents think you're nuts; this is because you often ride around your home on a broom trying to fly.
  • You try every day to get people to move in pictures.
  • You have a wand that you use a lot.
  • Your teachers keep wondering why you turn in your homework on parchment.
  • You have two sets of each book and send off more copies to friends and penpals (me!) and recommend the books to relatives who are weirder than you.
  • Your two sets of each book are seperated this way: One to read over and over, spill things on, drop, crinkle, and ruin the pages; and two, to keep pretty on the bookshelf and never touch except to dust.
  • Your friends wonder where you got the term, "The only fly in the ointment." ::sniffs:: They laughed at it the first ten times you said it. ::sniffs:: (I will be saying it when I actually talk to anybody!!!)
  • You constantly pester your family to move to Britain so you can be closer to J. K. Rowling.
  • You write to Warner Brothers and Scholastic about Harry Potter and you used to get answers, but now, six months later . . . nope! (No, not me. :-))
  • You talk in low hisses to snakes who lazily glance at you.
  • You scower the libraries around your town and school for books like The Standard Book of Spells and Hogwarts, A History and the librarians have to keep repeatedly telling you "WE DON'T HAVE THOSE BOOKS!!!"
  • You constantly pester your artsy friends to draw pictures out of the Harry Potter books.
  • You go to Harry websites every day. (ME!!! ::grumbles:: When I'm not in trouble)
  • You have tons of papers on Harry Potter that you printed off the Internet and used up the toner on.
  • You have many floppy disks full of Harry Potter stuff.
  • Your desk area always consists of Harry Potter things. (oh, me!)
  • You made you parents (or parent) read Harry Potter.
  • You constantly ask the people at Barnes and Noble when the next book is coming in (ME!!!) & when Sorcerer's Stone is going to be stocked in again.
  • After finally getting a straight answer from these people, you place a hold on the two books.
  • You try to make your eighteen year old friend read them and all she'll say is "Ooh! Pictures!" (Sadly, me.)
  • You go to the zoo and try to speak to the boa constrictor.
  • You go into the bathroom and scratch in a snake in the sink then try to make it open up.
  • Your friends are always staring at your nice, long eagle feather quill, wondering why you have it.
  • Your inkwell has spilled many times in your pack.
  • You keep going to search engines, trying to find more fan sites.
  • You don't care much for the Scholastic site. (Me, but it's a lot better than the Animorphs and Everworld, at least. :-))
  • You want a prequel!!!
  • You want more than seven books!!! (EVERYONE!! Well, so I don't get flamed, the opinion is varied)
  • You wonder why Ptolemy is considered a wizard by J. K. Rowling. (Is he?)
  • You get excited by any Greek/Roman mythology characters mentioned.
  • You saw the movie "The Haunting" & said flat out that the house was Hogwarts.
  • You got really excited when the gryffins started moving in the movie!)
  • You thought a place you went with lots of trees & a lake was the moved backyard of Hogwarts.
  • You have a turban that smells weird & is a lovely shade of violet.
  • You say at the beginning of school, "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" (Maybe me, when school starts . . .)
  • You constantly sing the Sorting Hat's song and the Hogwarts song.
  • You have seven bottles. (Uh, I have blue bottles, but I doubt that counts. :-))
  • You stay away from plants with vines for fear of it being a Devil's Snare.
  • You have a mirror you call "Erised."
  • You beg your parents to get you an owl.
  • You want to buy a train & name it the Hogwarts Express.
  • You constantly quote characters.
  • You bug other webmistresses and webmasters of Harry Potter websites. (::grins sheepishly::)
  • You wear black robes and pointed hats.
  • You glue a compass to the dashboard of your parent's car and try to get the car to fly.
  • Your attemps to try to fly have gotten you hurt and special appointments . . . :-)
  • You try to make the Polyjuice Potion.
  • You get an egg and try to hatch it under a toad. (I have no idea why someone would do this . . .)
  • You get a diary and never write in it.
  • You are slightly amused by me. :-)
  • Your language arts/English teacher hands you a Harry Potter poster, when, though you hadn't asked, you were about to . . . (ME!)
  • You scream in joy when something about Harry Potter comes on the news or anyplace else.
  • You eagerly await the fight on MTV's "Death Match" that will contain the following: Harry vs. Draco; Ron vs. Scabbars; Snape vs. Neville's grandmother; you get the idea . . .
  • You automatically hit anyone (even friends) if they say anything negative about Harry Potter (e.g., "Harry Potter sucks!"), & know they deserved it. (::looks around innocently, then raises her hand::)
  • You tell adults that they have to read the books and correct the librarian the third book does not have a "bird" on it, but a hippogriff. (I swear to everything possible, me; it just happened)
  • You dress up as a witch or wizard for Halloween to show off your spirit. (I've been a witch for Halloween for nine years! BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!)
  • You break your arm, then come to school saying that a big black ball hit your arm, and broke it, and then a crazy blond man tried to remove the bones. (Not me; I've never broken a bone in my life, even though I fall down every day!)
  • You say that despite the fight, you and the dragon are still "good friends," then mutter about "that stupid singing egg."
  • You often mutter spells when a teacher/classmate annoys you and you aren't able to use "colorful" language. (::grins::)
  • Your trip(s) to the Harry Potter movie ended with a mixed reaction. (::refrains from screaming::)
  • You scare reporters by sending them fan mail for doing a blurb about Harry.
  • You and your parents cut out every newspaper cartoon you find with reference to Harry Potter (Family Circus, Close to Home, etc.).
  • You are an avid fan fiction writer/reader.
  • Any mention of Harry Potter makes you scream, laugh, applaud, or overall just become rather giddy.
  • Your friends refer to you as "that Harry Potter maniac."
  • You can name all the first Harry Potter sites that began popping up in mid-1999 (there were only ten of us!).
  • You meet someone for the first time and demand to know if they like Harry Potter; if they don't, your opinion of them drops several points.
  • You enter every Harry Potter contest available.
  • You start getting mad and begin to scream if there is any hint the next book is going to take longer to come out than you think it should!
  • You actually won a Harry Potter scarf from the 2001 Sears movie contest (my mom, hehe!).
  • You believe that you know more about Harry Potter than J. K. Rowling does.
  • You beg your chemistry teacher to help you make a "potion" and s/he tells you to be quiet because they don't want to be pestered by you any longer (sorry, Mr. Green!).
  • You find it hilarious that your teachers work at Renaissane Faires because they look a little like the extras running around Diagon Alley in the movie.
  • People at school call/know you by your Harry Potter screenname.
  • Anyting remotely related to Harry Potter is gold.

    Submitted YKYRTMHPWhen . . .

    Submitted by Gry

  • You have dreams where you are a student at Hogwarts and you fly away on your broom to go to Diagon Alley where you have something sort of like a milkshake.

    Submitted by Rachel

  • You open your book, look at the page number and quote the entire book from there.
  • You keep asking your school to change your uniform to black robes and pointed hats.
  • You go to a billion websites about it, just to see if anyone knows more than you.
  • You know more about it than anyone else in your school and can answer questions about it in less than 10 seconds.
  • Your teacher asks you to do a creative writing story, your first idea is Harry Potter.
  • You think and act like for fav. character all the time.
  • Everything you do or say relates to Harry Potter.

    Submitted by Prashant

  • Your copy of Book 1 has three chapters that have fallen out of their binding and you keep on reading it.
  • You have bought 1 hardcover copy of Sorcerer's Stone for yourself, one paperback copy for yourself, 3 hardcover copies for teachers, one paperback copy for a friend, one Chamber of Secrets for yourself, one for a teacher, and one Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • You see a murderer holding a knife in a movie and you shout, "Expelliarmus!"
  • You buy a rat and try to make it transform into a human.

    Submitted by LizKate

  • You beg your parents to send you to boarding school.

    Submitted by Lindsay

  • You keep trying to faint on account of a dementor.

    Submitted by Tuffy

  • You call your clumsy little brother Neville, the mean group of kids at school the Slytherins, your boring teacher "Binns," and you relate all your classes in school to Hogwarts.

    Submitted by Billy

  • You try to make your chess pieces move and talk.

    Submitted by Lindsay Crosby

  • When all of your Harry Potter stuff is was carefully put away into a handmade wooden box lined with velvet then locked up.
  • All of your Harry Potter books are covered with plastic wrap.
  • You get in arguements all the time with a group of friends on how certain names of the books characters are pronounced.
  • You go around town covered with Harry Potter stuff, from socks to hats.
  • You own all of the Harry Potter books and all of the helper books (Harry Potter dictionary type book).
  • You cut out peices of cardboard, paint them, then when you go to the store you take out the cardboard pieces and ask the sales guy and ask him how much that'll be in galleons, sickles and knuts.
  • You draw a lightning scar on your face.
  • You move your bedroom to the closet under the stairs.

    Submitted by Hermione & Lily

  • You name all your friends (*and enemies*) names from Harry Potter that suit their personality and appearances. (hehe...don't look at us...) Submitted by Rachel Kenley
  • You have a poster of Hermione, Ron, and Harry on your bedroom door and you kiss Harry goodnight EVERY NIGHT!
  • You saw the HP movie, your friends caught you practicing wrist movements with Prof. Flitwicks class.
  • You brought your copy of Quidditch Through the Ages to the movie and kept shouting at Madam Hooch that the Slytherins were fouling.
  • You are a penpal with your cousin in Wyoming and each time you write a letter, you say how many times you've read the book. If s/he's read it more than you, you quickly read it again.
  • You tell your Dad repetedly that you don't have his Electric Tape, you have Speelo-tape you bought from Diagon Alley.
  • You think this site is awesome! (ME!)

    Submitted by Slayer Kitty

  • You figure it'd be hilarious if Sirius' middle name was "Lee."

    Submitted by Angel Pazeelee

  • You mumble stuff to yourself in a British accent when on Harry Potter websites like this one.

    Submitted by Aurora Dartanya

  • you go to Wal-Mart, buy white and gold marker paint, and paint a Firebolt and Snitches all around your room.

    Submitted by Lily Evans

  • You pray every day that the next three Harry Potter books will have a girl from America who is Harry's love interest so you can play her in the movies.
  • You have a special bookshelf for your Harry Potter books and the spellbook set your friend bought you for your birthday. (kind of pathetic, I know, but me... - and Gypsy!)
  • You wish Hermione, Ron, and Harry would come alive from the novels so that you could discuss with them the plots of the next three books.
  • You plan on naming one of your sons Harry, one Ron, and twins to call Fred and George, and one of your daughters Hermione, one Ginny, and one Cho (well, maybe not Cho, but this is me, sadly)
  • Every time Harry has a confrontation with the dementors, you eat a piece of chocolate when you finish reading it.
  • You feel guilty every time you put down Harry Potter, even if it is just to play the soundtrack or look at Harry Potter rumors on the Web, and especially if you start to read another book.
  • Even though you are allergic to cats, you wish that one of your sister's cats was an unregistered Animagus so that you could finally meet Professor McGonagall.
  • You are absolutely certain that your letter is lost in the mail from Hogwarts and that it will arrive any day now.
  • You have $40-50 dollars saved in your desk drawer for the fifth book and the first movie on DVD.
  • If you are a redhead, you are convinced that the girl who presently plays Ginny will become ugly so that you can play her, even if you are four years older than Daniel Radcliffe. (me, in the most pathetic sense)
  • You are so jealous of Emma Watson and any other British girl who gets to be in the Harry Potter movies.

    Submitted by Sarah

  • You join the school newspaper so you could write about and publicize Harry Potter.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Amanda Webber

  • You try to dream about Harry Potter.
  • You actually do dream about Harry Potter.
  • You are taking exams and all you can think about is Harry Potter.
  • The second someone says something to you, Harry Potter comes to mind.
  • You memorize spells.
  • Your parents ban your books and tell you to read something else but you still read them by keeping them hidden under your mattress!

    Submitted by Katelyn

  • You have a long, heated argument with your teacher over why she can't transfigure herself into a cat.

    Submitted by Delarla

  • You go around shouting lumos (light switch), Incendio (someone lights a fire), and Alohomora (unlocking a door)
  • Your friends think you have gone clinically insane. They just don't understand!
  • You have read Quidditch Through the Ages and consider yourself an honorary Quidditch player
  • You play a sport (baseball, dodgeball, etc.), you imagine yourself playing Quidditch!
  • You go into forests looking for unicorns.
  • You call Ridikulus & laugh a lot when you open you closets in case of a boggart
  • You enjoy staring at the moon and howling.
  • You take an airplane trip, you are constantly staring out the window, looking for Mr. Weasley's car or Charlie's dragons.
  • You have Harry Potter soap, shampoo, and bubble bath
  • Harry Potter is all you ever draw in class when you're bored.
  • You imagine what your plant science classes would be like with Prof. Sprout.
  • You imagine that your chemistry teacher is Snape.
  • You've seen the movie 15 times and can pick out every ibbly bibbly detail that they left out or changed (and get very annoyed!)

    Submitted by Annabanana

  • You go around asking sports nuts if they know how to play Quidditch
  • You scream whenever you see anything Harry Potter.
  • You get the trivia game for Christmas and are upset that the questions are so easy.
  • You and your friends are constantly quizzing each other to see who knows more about Harry Potter.

    Submitted by Hermione Tyndall

  • You nickname the people at your school after the books.

    Submitted by Natalie Smith

  • You sneak up to the school library at lunch wearing a silver cloak and pretending no one can see you, and the librarian ends up yelling at you because the bell rang 10 minutes ago . . .

    Submitted by Ronda Hackworth

  • Every time you talk to someone about Harry Potter, you continue to repeat, "I can't wait 'till book five comes out!"

    Submitted by EulhiCat

  • You ask your parents repeatedly to sue Nancy Stouffer.
  • You have a Harry Potter tee-shirt for every day of the week.

    Submitted by Glenda

  • You think your principal looks like Dumbledore.
  • Your best friend has to take away your wand (AKA: a stick).
  • You wish your dog would grow 2 more heads.
  • Your egg your cat to turn into McGonagall.
  • Your cat runs away because of this.

    Submitted by Ngoc Le

  • You get a "You've got mail" and run outside expecting to see an owl.
  • You sort everyone you meet into to houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin).
  • You try on your mother's new silvery material and expect to be invisible.
  • You want a broomstick for Christmas.
  • Every time you turn on a flashlight you mutter "Lumos" under your breath.
  • You throw powder into the fireplace and get burnt trying to walk through it.
  • You had to go to the hospital after breaking your nose running headfirst into the wall between platform's nine and ten.
  • You try to turn your brother into a bouncing ferret.
  • You point at normal things like parking meters and say, "Look at the things these Muggles dream up!"
  • You take a pencil and say, "Accio Dictionary!"
  • You draw a scar on your forehead.
  • You go to the nearest inn and tap the brick wall with an umbrella.

    Submitted by Siobhan

  • You keep searching for sites with rumours of upcoming books and movies, then scold yourself for spoiling the surprise.
  • Yyou somehow are able to think of lots of different YKYRTMHPW...'s! :-)

    Submitted by Emmturtle

  • You try to get your friends to change their names to names from the book.
  • You try to put spells from the books on mostly everything in sight.
  • You try to fly by getting a broomstick and either jump out of a window or a tree - and break your leg.

    Submitted by Monica

  • You have or are trying to memorize the whole book.
  • The only things that you EVER want to do are Harry Potter related.
  • All your school books have the Hogwarts Logo stuck on the cover page.
  • You have attempted many times to play a game of Quidditch.
  • Your name is on the waiting list of EVERY Harry Potter related book at the library or the bookshop.
  • At the top of "About Me" papers you have written "Universe's Biggest Harry Potter Fan".
  • You have already decided to call your kid Harry or Hermione.
  • You own at least one Harry Potter website.
  • You go through millions of search engines trying to find a Harry Potter site you haven't been to yet.
  • Everytime Harry Potter comes up in class or TV you start jumping around in your seat excitedly.
  • You have many a dream about being a Hogwarts student, being able to do magic and knowing Harry Potter.
  • Your email has something to do with Harry Potter.

    Submitted by Elizabeth Macy

  • You are waiting to get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts that says "We are sorry we forgot to send you your letter when you were 11, but you can come to Hogwarts now."
  • You dream about what would happen if you were in the next Harry Potter movie like what charater you would play, your conversations with Danny Radcliffe, the pranks you would play on the set . . . ;-)

    Submitted by Janet

  • You try to persuade your parents to buy you all the paperback Harry Potter books for a lightweight travel set. If they don't, you save up money to buy it instead.
  • You don't drink tea anymore because of that witch with oversized spectacles.
  • Your best friend has a crush on Harry and you distract her with Harry Potter stuff.
  • You watch the Harry Potter movie with your friend, you hiss in her ear if there are mistakes.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Jacleen

  • On Halloween you give little trick or treaters dressed up as HP characters more candy than the other ones.
  • You beg your english teacher to let you take advanced British Literature because you think one of the main authors that you will study will be J.K. Rowling.
  • You try to persuade the Athletic director at your school to create a Quidditch team.

    Submitted by Potter Genius

  • You keep asking your school to change the school colors to scarlet and gold (go Gryffindor!).
  • You wait and wait for a Quidditch league sign up to come up at school.
  • Yyou go on Ebay to look for someone selling a dragon egg.
  • Yyou go into your back yard your in hope there will be gnomes running about.

    Submitted by Katie Xu

  • You always ask your mom (when she gives you allowance) to give you Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts.
  • You try to hex someone who doesn't like/hasn't read Harry Potter.
  • You ALWAYS talk with an English accent.

    Submitted by Jessie

  • You have an argument with you friend over how many YKYRTMHP...'s you identify with, and you claim you're still perfectly sane after becoming so obsessed. Your friend says your claim is "Hogwash" and you calmly correct her - "Hogwarts, my friend."

    Submitted by Patrick

  • You go to the petshop & ask if they have a snowy owl who can carry letters.

    Submitted by Lilly

  • You cried when you turned 12 because you didn't get a letter inviting you to Hogwarts.
  • You fly to England just to run into a wall trying to get in to platform nine and three quarters.
  • You get a tatoo of a lightning bolt on your forehead.
  • You go on strike because candy stores don't sell chocolate frogs or Pumpkin Paysties.
  • You've seen the movie ten or more times already.
  • You get frustrated because you don't know how to Apparate or transform.
  • You demand the cafeteria have a feast & the food should appear on the plates.
  • You have spent countless hours plotting ways to get into the wizarding world even though you are a Muggle.
  • You call your enemys names such as Malfoy or Dudley.
  • If someone makes you angry, you challenge them to a wizard's deul.

    Submitted by Samantha Weasley

  • You see a elderly man that comes up to your waist, you ask him how do you do the wrist movements for Wingardium Leviosa.
  • YYou slap silly anyone who hopes that Ron dies. ::Runs off to weep and curse anyone who agrees::
  • You constantly drive Gypsy crazy for more Harry Potter information!!

    Submitted by Shoorti

  • You have your friends send you flowers from Sirius Black on Valentine's Day.

    Submitted by Rebecca

  • Every one of your enemies is named Draco, Crabbe, or Goyle.
  • Your online name/screen name has something to do with Harry Potter or worshipping Gypsy (i.e., IamAgypsyFan). Submitted by Soccer Princess
  • Every time a "certain someone" talks to you, all you can think is: "Holy bajesus, s/he reminds me so much of Hermione/Harry/Ron/Malfoy!"

    Submitted by Mary

  • You start screaming, "Harry - WATCH OUT!" during the end of the first movie when Voldemort comes at Harry, and you end up getting thrown out of the theatre. (We're all innocent!)

    Submitted by Karen

  • You get the latest book, you take it EVERYWHERE until you're done, including the dinner table, brushing your teeth, etc.
  • You stay up until 6:30 in the morning reading HP fanfics.

    Submitted by Alexa

  • Your best friend in class asks why you have brought the books for reading time for the last 5 months!

    Submitted by Xiron Weasley

  • You pretend to be your favorite character & are thought to be a tad strange by your peers.

    Submitted by Malleana

  • You have added all the spells to your spell checker when writing stories.
  • Spent exactly $95 (or more) on movie tickets just to see the film over & over again.
  • Your letter to Santa Clause asks for Harry Potter to be real person or asks for a Hogwarts acceptance letter.
  • You've written numerous letters to J.K. Rowling with suggestions on a prequel, sequels (after school is over) and other ideas.

    You are a fanfiction author, fan artist, fan poet, editorialist, etc. for HP!

  • You are constantly looking on the internet for dragon hide gloves.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Hermione 7

  • You want J.K.R. to write an American girl into the 5th, 6th, & 7th books so you can be her in the movies.
  • You search the stores for live gold owls to decorate your Christmas tree with.
  • Your ideal afternoon is to eat Harry Potter cookies from your Harry Potter tin, listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack, and read all the Harry Potter books in sequential order without breaking for more food.
  • You look all through the James Avery jewelry crafters store hoping to find a Hermione Granger charm, but to no avail, and then if there isn't one, you protest to the clerks and write to the founders of the company.
  • You and your other Harry Potter-obsessed friends sit around all night at a slumber party talking about Harry, leaving your confused friends who haven't read the book sitting on the side.
  • You find that you are often trying to find a phoenix feather so that you can compete against Ollivander and make your own wands that work!
  • Your Harry Potter books have their own sacred shelf, along with the published schoolbooks that your friend got you for your birthday.
  • You often hope that Ron and Hermione will come alive so they can tell you about their favorite type of tea and what they do to convince the giant squid to stay in the lake (so that one can move into the lake near your house and you can keep it happy, of course).
  • Although you are allergic to cats, you wish that your sister's cat could move in with you so that you could see if it was an Animagus.
  • Your friends sometime seem to wish that you had never read Harry Potter.
  • Your parents think you are a tiny bit too obsessed with Harry.
  • You carry your HP fanfic in your agenda so that you can even work on it in the library.
  • You read about Malfoy becoming a ferret (& this will offend all Slytherin lovers), you laugh like crazy & your family wonders where the psychotic laughter is coming from & when you stop, you're red in the face with tears streaming down your cheeks.

    Submitted by Alex

  • Everything you say or do is followed by, "Which reminds me of Harry Potter when . . ."

    Submitted by Linztns

  • You're in class, & someone does something to get the teacher mad, you automatically think s/he will take points off, even if there is nothing that contains points.

    Submitted by Linda G.

  • You get your school schedule/timetable and convert your classes to Hogwarts lingo. (Math=arithmancy, science=potions, history=Muggle studies, etc.)

    Submitted by Pokemario

  • You write a letter to 4 Privet Drive, Little Surrey, Winging, and complain to the post office when you don't get a response, then actually go to England to find the place.
  • Yyou buy Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and don't look at the flavor guide (because Harry didn't have a guide!).
  • You find someone named Ron with red hair at your school & try to get him to be your best friend.
  • You pester your principal to divide the school into four houses.

    Submitted by Brett

  • You have to go to the hospital on account that you broke your nose running at the wall between platforms 9 & 10.
  • You burn yourself when trying to travel to London through a fireplace.
  • You turn on AOL, and your computer says "You've got mail!", you run to your window & are disapointed because you didn't find an owl at your window.

    Submitted by Bruce

  • You are reading this list.
  • You are enjoying reading this list.

    Submitted by Katilee

  • You find a long piece of wood or a stick (just right for a wand) & try the spell, "Lumos!", in a dark alleyway. Of course, people wonder about your sanity.

    Submitted by the creator of the Harry Beanie

  • You make a Harry Potter beanie baby.
  • You dress up the Beanie Buddies boy with glasses in the girl witch costume (which was so obviously intended to be on the boy, but couldn't be marketed as such because of copyrights. < smirk >).

    Submitted by SarahAnn

  • You read the books aloud and speak in a British accent.
  • You are jealous of Emma Watson for getting the part of Hermione and you thought you could do better even, though you don't look like a Hermione type at all!
  • You beg your parents to find out when they are casting roles for the next film and try to get plane tickets to fly to Britain to try out.
  • Are dying for a part even if it has to be Moaning Myrtle.
  • You have memorized all of the lines of the character who you want to play in the movie.
  • You can't wait another second for the next book to come out!
  • You were the first one to buy the DVD when it came out.

    Submitted by Malleana

  • You add the screen name HarryPotter to your AIM buddy list and badger the poor bloke with that screenname by asking questions like "Are you really Harry Potter?"
  • You do the aforementioned with the rest of the character's names.
  • You have named all of your fish after Harry Potter characters and watch them all the time, waiting for something magical to happen.
  • Coca-Cola had the Harry Potter promotion, you bought thousands of cases of Coke, hoping to win the free trip to England. You are still drinking Coca-Cola from the leftover cases.
  • You're an American and you start talking British, adopting words like "git", "bloody", "bloke", and "prat."
  • All of the websites on your favorite's list are Harry Potter sites.

    Submitted by Fleur Delacour

  • you often have dreams where you repeat the books in your dreams WORD FOR WORD except that you are living in the dream.
  • You constantly remind people that you ARE one of the characters from Harry Potter and that Hogwarts DOES exist and that you are going to teach there someday. You then tell them to be quiet while you continue practicing your spells.
  • Your teachers wonder why when you turn in an essay that has a Works Cited page including resources such as: A History of Magic by Batilda Bagshot, One Thousand Magical Plants and Fungi by Newt Scamander, etc.
  • Uou watched the movie and you couldn't help thinking, "They did that wrong, they did that wrong, they did that wrong . . ."
  • You actually keep records on the people and houses, occupations, passwords for houses, ingredients for potions; spells and their effects; sweets and foods in the books; creatures, birthdays, subjects, professors; papers like Witch Weekly, Daily Prophet, Evening Prophet, etc.; help with magic, books in the Hogwarts library, and much more.
  • You frequently dare people: "Come on, quiz me, quiz me on HP!"
  • You long to visit london and find the Leaky Cauldron or go to Surrey to find 4 Privet Drive.

    Submitted by Sally Crookshanks

  • You do a report on Scotland just so you can write a whole paragraph on JK Rowling, Sean Biggerstaff, and how people are saying Hogwarts might be in Scotland.
  • You actually don't mind wearing glasses!
  • You take people seriously when they say you look like Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley/any other characters.
  • You save the ticket stubs from when you saw the HP movie the first time (or the second, third, etc.).
  • You haven't removed the Harry Potter soundtrack since you put it in the stereo for the first time on October 30, 2001.
  • Your friends are sick of hearing that your favorite books are the Harry Potter books.
  • You spend your allowence on ONLY Harry Potter Merchandise.

    Submitted by Penndragon

  • You will suddenly break off sentances by sobbing and crying, "What if Ron's next? What if Ron's next to die?!?"
  • One of your freinds joins you.
  • Your other freinds don't say a thing because they're used to this.
  • If your go anywhere, and your younger sister/brother starts crying, you say, "Don't cry, I'll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat!"
  • You annoy/confuse waiters by asking for Butter Beer.
  • You write stern letters to Warner Bros telling every little, no matter how tiny, mistake they made, in detail, at exactly what second it was in the movie.
  • In trying to connect with your "Inner Brit," you start calling mail "post", policemen "bobbies", cookies "biscuits", and always speak in that famous English accent.
  • You think Harry should be a national hero in England and in the USA.
  • you have written the President and Prime Minister long letters about this.
  • They haven't written back in a year, yet you still sit outside happily, waiting for the postman.

    Submitted by the parents of Bray-Bray Potter

  • You dress your child up as Harry Potter and draw a lightning bolt on their head with a magic marker (see picture at top).

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Witchy Sushmita

  • You purposely choose 'English-UK' as your computer's language while getting a new e-mail id so that has a "" at the end, making you feel closer to J.K Rowling. (I'm from India!)
  • You dream up a new character for the next few books, who, ahem, very oddly resembles you.
  • Your mother refuses to read the books because she thinks they made your grades slip last semester.
  • You don't talk to your mother for a week beacause she says that HP is too "fairytale-ish."
  • You decide that you will establish a school named "Hogwarts" and it will have four hoses named "Gryffindor", "Slytherin", "Hufflepuff", and "Ravenclaw" and the uniform will be black pointed hats and black robes. (Original, no? hehe)
  • You draw a snowy owl, stick it on the wall, call it Hedwig, and talk to it.
  • You decide that your younger brother who is eleven and has dark hair IS the real Harry Potter.
  • You try to force this brother of yours to tattoo a scar on his forehead.
  • You actually consider colouring your hair black/brown/red trying to look like Harry/Ron/Hermione.
  • You spend time to write 10 of these & you still have sixty zillion more to go.
  • You often debate with friends if the HP movie was better than LoTR.
  • You go to the nearest lake & try to find a giant squid.
  • You refer to your enemies as Dementors, Snape, Malfoy, Voldemort, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, etc.
  • You really wish a 'Dementor's Kiss' could be performed on certain people whose brains leaked out at birth. ::cough:: (e.g., an enemy)
  • You wonders if Gypsy has died after reading so many YKYRTMHPW's.
  • You compare characters in the book with people you meet. (e.g.: "Oh, she's definitely a Pansy - sooo mean!")
  • You refer to your uncle, aunt and cousin as "Uncle Vernon", "Aunt Petunia" and "Dudley," respectively.
  • You refuse to throw away old paper which has yellowed with age. What if its the MARAUDER'S MAP?!
  • The moment you open your mouth, your friends & relatives say in unison, "If this is about that dratted Harry Potter...SHUT UP!"
  • One of the rules of your house is "No HP talk at the dinner table."
  • You plan to somehow audition for a role in the upcoming movies/have actually auditioned.
  • You have taped/recorded/cut-out every single video clip/sound recording/article/picture that has any thing to do with HP. (Even if its about the caterer for the HP movie).
  • You claim to the judge that, "No, I wasn't stalking Daniel Radcliffe; I just wanted a piece of his hair."
  • Your first question to every new person you meet is, "Have you read the Harry Potter series?" If they have, you'd just made a new best friend & if not, your opinion of them fakks drastically.
  • You have HP wallpaper, bedspreds, tee-shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, underwear, scarves, pens, letter pads, envelopes, penstands,plates, knives, forks, spoons, tablecloths, mugs, pencil boxes, etc.

    Submitted by Anne Rose

  • You talk in a British accent and act just like one if not all the character at one point.

    Submitted by Diana S.

  • You signed up for high school, you looked to see if there were courses for Transfiguration & Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • You've taken a pencil, pointed it to the television remote, & shouted: "Accio Remote," becoming disapointed when it wouldn't come.
  • You want to get a dog & name it "Padfoot."
  • You've fantacized about going to the Quidditch World Cup & punching Malfoy in the face.
  • You've advised your science teacher to take away points when rules are broken.
  • Your reading teacher got annoyed when you asked to do your book report about Harry Potter books (she gets enough of 'em).
  • You've looked on the internet on to see if there really was a 4 Privet Drive - there is, but not in Surrey.
  • You own a black robe and a pointed hat.
  • Y watch baseball, expect bludgers to come, & hope the batter will hit it with his bat.
  • You've wanted to change your school's soccer field goal to 3 tall hoops.
  • You own the computer game called "The Sims", and you have at least one Harry Potter family in each neighborhood.
  • Your mom has yelled at you because you've stayed up too late at night reading HP FanFics.
  • You complain because the Harry Potter trivia questions on the Internet are too easy.
  • You wanted to be in New York City on July 31st to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with the people on NBC.
  • You're angry that the Harry Potter movie wasn't nominated for Best Picture on the Acadamey Awards, yet you're sure that it'll win Best Musical score.
  • You're furuous that Maggie Smith was Oscar nominated for Gosford Park, but not Harry Potter.
  • In all of Alan Rickmans films, you expect him to pester little kids like Neville Longbottom, & to start wearing a dress like Neville's grandmother.
  • You like all werewolves now that Lupin is a good werewolf.
  • At the part where Pettigrew got away in Book 3, you got so angry you threw your book across the room, causing your mom to worry about your sanity.

    Submitted by Monica

  • You are constantly asking friends & family to call you Harry/Hermione.
  • You swear you can talk to snakes.
  • Your parents forbid you to read HP one more time because you've memorized the book!

    Submitted by Sable

  • Yyou see anything about Harry Potter on the TV & you scream at the top of your lungs: "Harry Potter!!!! I SOOOOOO NEED THAT!!!!!!!!"

    Submitted by Kayleigh

  • You go to a station and start running into the wall between gates 9 and 10 until someone complains.
  • You get arrested for trying to murder Danial, Rupert or Emma - your excuse? : "I was only trying to get a bit of hair. Is that so much to ask?"
  • You hit anyone who makes fun of Harry Potter.

    Submitted by Chy. S.

  • Not only do you own EVERY book in both hardcover and paperback, but you own each book in EVERY language that it has been published in, even if you don't know that language.
  • You translate the books from whatever language they are into English, just to see how closely they match.
  • You get sorted online & re-sort yourself multiple times to be in the house you wanted.
  • You shun other books just because they don't contain Harry & the others.
  • The majority of your e-mails come from Harry Potter Mailing Lists.
  • You start a Harry Potter club at school so you have others in which to talk about Harry.
  • You start a Harry club at the local elementary school, because no one at the high or middle schools wanted to join (because they're dorks).
  • You pledge read the books to your unborn child so that they'll become addicted young.
  • You are upset the New York Times created a seperate children's best seller list because of the Harry Potter books and you write the NY Times about the above problem.
  • You write a timeline for the entire series, leaving nothing out.
  • You spend an entire afternoon looking for the Leaky Cauldron, even though you don't live in the UK .
  • You go searching pet stores & animal shelters for a black dog in the hopes of finding Sirius Black in animagus form, ending up with several new animals.
  • You learn to knit so you can make a Weasley sweater.
  • You write lengthy commentaries about various aspects of the HP books, such as the inconsistencies, mysteries, characterizations, etc.

    Submitted by MoiraMary

  • You almost tore your book in half when Wormtail killed Cedric.
  • You can answer any triva questions about Harry.
  • Your teacher tells you that you have detention, you pick up a pencil and yell, "Imperio!" in hopes it will work so you can run.
  • your mom has banned you from reading the series again so you sneak in the cover of darkness to read them over (that has actually happened to me!!)
  • Your teachers ask you why you wear a black hat to school & all you say is, "Foolish Muggle."
  • You take a broom and yell "Up!" . . . you wonder why it won't work.
  • You carve a wand out of a stick, put a bird feather in front of you, then yell, "Wingardium Leviosa"!

    Submitted by Saphyria

  • You have fever dreams about Harry Potter characters, one of which is of Snape force-feeding you something to make you feel better.
  • You think of your Patronus to help you fall asleep & keep you from having bad dreams.
  • You agree to whittle a stick of wood into a wand for your younger niece, then make one for yourself.
  • You take the ACT or SAT, you'd like to ask if your scores can be sent to Hogwarts to see if you can apply there.

    Submitted by MSmily

  • You have had no less than 3 retraining orders put on you for "harassing" people who were involved with the movie.
  • You are banned from entering the countries of Great Britain, Bulgaria, Ireland, Scotland by their goverments because you kept going to the embassies to ask where Harry Potter was.
  • You're so excited that you blurt out that something is "Absolutely smashing, old bean!"
  • You often sneak out of the house late at night to go into the forest to 1) wrestle trolls, 2) catch a werewolf, & 3) find the ever elusive Hagrid's Hut.
  • You were pulled into the principals office because when your friend said the words mud & blood in the same sentence you hauled off & slugged them.

    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Niffler86

  • Friends ask you if you actually know Harry & everyone else, but got expelled from Hogwarts.
  • You think you'll DIE if the fifth book doesn't come out soon!
  • You read the rumor sites and think to yourself, "Duh! I've known that for ages!"

    Submitted by Ashley

  • You call every wrongly accused murderer "Sirius Black".

    Submitted by SassyGurl

  • Your beg your parents to buy you a rat and once they finally do, you try to turn it yellow. After this fails, you "Muggle-ly" dye it yellow and tell your parents you cast a spell on it.

    Submitted by Liz Leih

  • You are upset that you have to wait until you are 18 in order to go to England because your parents won't move there (they just won't listen).
  • You vow to save up $1000 and pay Chris Columbus just to meet the cast and tour the castle.
  • You write down all the spells down, buy an HP pen that looks like a wand, and try them out.
  • You write Harry Potter stories on the computer & make up a character to be you, then read it to your sisters in a British accent while being very dramatic (guilty as charged).
  • You were the last person to read Books 1 through 4, but the first to finish.
  • You are going insane with all the delays of the fifth book!

    Submitted by Rosalva

  • You name your owl Pigwidgeon.
  • You buy a rat, name him Peter, and put a sign on the cage that says "Azkaban."

    Submitted by Kelsey

  • You spend all hours of the night searching for sights on Harry Potter.
  • You constantly have fights with friends over why they aren't obsessed with the books.
  • You hate to think about all those sentences you high-lighted in the books because they were hardcover first editions.
  • You camped outside your movie theater so you could be the first one to buy a premiere Philosopher's Stone movie ticket.
  • You're aching to become a witch/wizard even though your parents don't approve.

    Submitted by Justine

  • You can spot anything having to do with Harry Potter across the room.
  • You are saving a seat on the bus and all you have to do is say, "I like Harry Potter. Do you like Harry Potter?" and the person gets up.
  • Your teacher keeps saying stupid things like "Quiddich(your name)" when you do something s/he wants you to quit doing.
  • People draw the dark mark on their left arm and walk up to you saying they just became death eaters, note-If you're actually scared and run away you're in need of help, though it won't do any good what-so-ever.
  • You always write Harry Potter instead of HP.

    Submitted by Potter_Rox

  • You nearly cry on your 11th birthday when all you get in the post is birthday cards.
  • Even your most fanatical HP-fan friends admit you have a bit of a problem.
  • You get very mad when you see merchandise in a shop that is wrong (I got mad about Hermione's eye colour...).
  • You spend the rest of the day in that shop pointing out all of mistakes to your weary friends and have arguments with them about what is Hermione's eye colour.
  • Instead of a teddy, you have an HP doll.
  • Your mum gets annoyed when you buy a new HP book, as, being a teenager, you should be out buying clothes, going to the movies, etc., but proudly proclaim you are not a "societal stereotype."
  • You cried when your parents threw your wand away, even though they repeatedly you told it was just a stick (not me yet! mine is safely hidden under my mattress).
  • You force your poor grandparents to read the HP books just so you can show them how much you know.

    Submitted by Andya

  • You have started to think your housekeeper can see you through the door with his/her magical eye (as Mad Eye Moody could).
  • You go to HPRealm every day to see how many days you have left to buy the movie on video/DVD.
  • Your "insides" jump each time you hear the words "Hurry" or "Pottery" (pathetic, isn't it?).
  • You feel you can hear a phoenix singing everywhere you go.
  • You can't go to bed without reading at least three chpaters of one of the books.
  • You spend your spring break seating in front of the computer looking for more HP sites.
  • You notice that you prefer Chocolate Frogs over Hershey chocolate bars.
  • You constantly ask your Mom, "Are you sure you're a Muggle?"

    Submitted by Zia AKA Zunaira

  • You cried when Cedric Diggory died.
  • You pray that the new HP book comes out this year making Harry 15 years old , otherwise you become older than Harry! (Gypsy is already upset that she's bypassed Harry in age.)
  • You spend all your free time collecting HP stuff.
  • You constantly write letters to your country's government trying to get them to change your national game to Quidditch, the national bird to Snowy Owl, and to change the national anthem to the Hogwarts song.
  • You insist that you're really a witch/wizard who has amnesia due to an enchantment and plead with your parents to let you go to your wizarding family.
  • You go through your birth certificates and related records trying to prove that you were NOT born on your so-called birthday but on July 31st. (It was just a mistake, I assure you!)
  • You get your cousin who works for some car company to make your dad's old buggy fly.
  • Your daily schedule includes a 9.00 pm lecture from your parents telling you how you should put HP behind you and try to live a realistic life.
  • You think to yourself on a daily basis that "if J.K Rowling isn't gonna tell us how to get into the wizarding world, I'll have to find out myself!" Thus, you start going through wiccan/pagan webpages trying to get a clue on how to get to Hogwarts without breaking your nose . . . ahem.
  • You paint the old broomstick in the garage gold and call it The Firebolt.
  • At midnight you go up on the roof with your Firebolt and try to fly.
  • After the Firebolt incident you went up to your room and prepare for a Muggle-style Howler from your parents for breaking a bone or two.
  • You try making your own Mauraders' Map of your school and end up finding a not-so-secret passageway in the lunchroom leading to an underground slaughter house. (Don't ask!)
  • You start your own religious sect in which you constitute the HP books as your bible and J.K Rowling as your Supreme Goddess. Subsequently, your parents ground you and forbid you to ever speak of your cult again.
  • You dress only in black robes and swear that you will never take them off.
  • You spend all your time stalking Gypsy (oops!! Shouldn't have said that. Hehe!).

    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Roxy

  • You've used about a whole roll of tape to put your paperback copies back together from so much reading.
  • You ask the people at Media Play if they have any more movie posters promoting Harry Potter.
  • You go to Barnes and Noble and go to the Customer Service desk where the people immediately look at you and say, "No! We haven't gotten the new book in yet! Go away!"
  • Your parents lose you in the store, all they have to do is ask where the Harry Potter stuff is and they find you.
  • You have four scrapbooks full of Harry Potter articles, pictures, movie tickets, etc.
  • You're in class learning about cells and you wonder, "Why doesn't Harry Potter have to learn this and I do?"
  • You gave the first book, for Easter, to your band teacher, clarinet teacher, art teacher, literature teacher, basketball coach, softball coach, etc.
  • You're not falling asleep reading this list like a normal human being would!
  • You wonder if that crazy person across the street is a wizard.
  • You wonder if you're a witch (many think you are).

    Submitted by Pteryx

  • You discover a perfectly wand-shaped piece of wood in your basement and decide that a witch or wizard either 1) lost it or 2) is giving it to you.
  • You wonder about technicalities like what happens if you try to cast Priori Incantateum with a freshly-created wand.
  • Whenever you encounter your worst fear, you point a pencil at it and shout "Riddikulus!" hoping it's just a boggart.
  • You perceive things as being caused by magic and shake your head at Muggles' capacity to explain such things away when others don't see it the same way you do.

    Submitted by Gina

  • You know an answer in class and nearly jump out of your chair like Hermione.
  • You tap the bricks in the gym with the end of your badminton raquet.
  • You've already designed the robes and decorations for your wedding (which will be to Rupert Grint, of course).
  • You get excited when learning about the enviRONment in geography.
  • You point it out to your friends whenever someone called Harry has scratched their name on a desk - it might be HIM!
  • You can't remember the last time you read a non-HP related book (which is scary).
  • The boy you babysit for has Harry Potter wallpaper and you refuse to leave his room.
  • You and your friends plot ways to get rid of Hermione & Cho so you can have Harry & Ron for yourselves.
  • You've written FanFics with new characters exactly the same as you.
  • You hang around outside Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle, desperate for glimpses of the cast.
  • If you do see someone, you wave frantically and brag to everyone the next day that they waved back.
  • Your walls are lined with HP posters.
  • You know minute details about every character ever to appear in the books.
  • You shout at the TV when UBOS is on - it's such a cheap HP rip off!
  • You get annoyed with foreigners for stealing England's hero.
  • You start talking to people you hate just because they mentioned that they like HP.
  • Your best friend threatens to disown you because you talk about Harry Potter too much.
  • You make up cheers, replacing the name of your team with "Harry" or "Hogwarts".
  • While learning about alchemists at school, you argue adamantly with your teacher that yes, Nicolas Flamel DID discover how to turn metals into gold.
  • You talk to animals with strange markings.
  • While writing letters for future employers you write "my interests include Harry Potter, reading and Harry Potter."
  • You try to download Harry Potter fonts even though your computer has no almost memory left.
  • You and your friends have learned how to play Quidditch.
  • You know the entire cast and filming locations for the films.
  • You've already bought your sleeping bag, ready to camp outside the bookshop for the 5th book.
  • You get funny comments from younger kids at school because of your official Gryffindor backpack.
  • Your teachers complain that you must set a mature example to these younger students but you refuse to get a new bag.
  • You make up detention slips for your friends telling them to meet Hagrid outside the Forbidden Forest at midnight.
  • People come to you asking about the books because you know it all.
  • You frighten kids with dark hair and glasses by saying "Hiya Harry!" every time you pass them.

    Submitted by Synchro

  • You ask your sallow, greasy black-haired teacher if you can call him Professor Snape in the middle of class (more points if he says yes).

    Submitted by Anon Smothers

  • After you finish reading a HP book for the tenth time, you start talking in a British accent and waving a stick around, shouting gibberish.
  • You compare every book you've read to the HPs.
  • Your parent(s) roll their eyes anytime you say the word Harry.
  • If you're a girl, you imagine you are Harry's soulmate.
  • You pray that you can move to England so you can go to Hogsmeade.
  • Everything you own has Harry Potter stickers on it.
  • You can identify with everything in this list.
  • You have a sudden obsession with trains.
  • Every time you go to a bookstore you ask the staff when the next book is coming in.
  • You hit them with rolled up HP posters when they say they don't know.
  • You are jealous of Cho Chang.
  • You stalk guys with black hair and glasses.

    Submitted by Dominic Lowe

  • Your teacher gives you a worried look when you ask for things to be demonstrated on live spiders in class, instead of the board.
  • You become convinced that house elves do really exist, but your mum just takes all the credit for their work.
  • You've been thrown out of countless restaurants for complaining of the service & their inability to have food suddenly appear & disappear through tables.
  • Your teacher shoves you in detention after claiming the reason you forgot your homework was purely because someone stole your Remembrall, then flew off on a broom.

    Submitted by Linda

  • You go to the cinema for the movie and the clerk asks, "You regular seat?"

    Submitted by Alison

  • You can play "Hedwig's Theme" on the piano.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Southern Belle Lauren

  • You take any broom & with a gold paint pen, scibble "Firebolt" or "Nimbus 2000" on the handle, put on a scarlet bathrobe, stand at the top of the stairs, & jump down. Going down, you yell, "Whoooooosh!" & "I caught the Snitch!"
  • While sitting in class as your teacher shouts at a person, you think automatically "5 points from ______ house."
  • You want to audition to be Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movies because you want to play Harry's love intrest.

    Submitted by Maria Claudia

  • You start inventing and predicting new events that will happen in future books.
  • You pre-order the movie from a local store.

    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by X-Lynn

  • You cut and pasted YKYRTMHPW's so you wouldn't get it wrong!
  • You have an actual crush on one of the professors.
  • You have a crush on one of the professors and it's Severus Snape... (Looks around no that's not me at all . . . *Blushes* Swoon . . . *Looks around and gets very interested in the keyboard on how it's not in ABC order*)
  • You feel gilty about having a crush on one of the Teachers becuse he is to old for you in the law and morals.
  • You read the rumors that Severus Snape might have a romance in a future book you get upset that it isn't going to be your character you play in a Harry Potter fanfiction role-playing group.
  • You read the list of YKYRTMHPW's and more then half of them apply to you.
  • You admit with pride that most of the YKYRTMHPW's apply to you.
  • You convinced at lest one grandparent form your Mom and Dad's side of the family to read the books and you're working on the others.
  • Your Grandma is now calling you to ask how to pronounce the names correctly.
  • Your Grandma took you to see the movie before she read the books and you felt bad about doing that to her.
  • You are trying to figure out how to get on the movie set even through you're in America.
  • You're upset that spellcheck doesn't recognize the Harry Potter words as "real" words and you add all the words you type in to the spell check so you won't be depressed by that again.

    Submitted by Mack

  • You stand on the roof of your house with a broom.
  • You jump off in an attempt to fly.

    Submitted by Sarelle

  • You are ALWAYS reading Harry Potter fanfiction.
  • You've started to call people 'Harry' by an accident.
  • You try to dream about Harry Potter and get annoyed when you wake up with a dream that didn't invole Harry or any of the magical peeps.
  • You've already reserved the 5th book, even if no-one knows what it's called or when it's out.

    Submitted by Jenny Weasley

  • You think of Harry Potter when something bad happens (only when a teacher yells at you, your thoughts turn to Snape).
  • You dream about Harry Potter.
  • You want to marry a person that played in the movie (even though they may be younger than you).
  • You make a list of why Harry Potter is not bad to show your friend who believes HP is "evil".
  • You feel naked without a Harry Potter book within 4 feet from you.
  • You buy a copy of one of the books in another language to translate and get a kick out of singing the Sorting Hat song in a different language.
  • You compare anything in your daily-life to something from the books.
  • You memorize everything about Quidditch as if it was a real sport & even have a favorite team.
  • You have a Harry Potter book in your lap as you are reading this (or writing it).
  • You think your friend's prom dates looks like a character in the book and cannot help but laugh.
  • You would pay anything to have a signed copy of one of the books.
  • You actually have a J. K. Rowling signed copy of one or more of the books.
  • You must have the entire Lego set in order to act out the different scenarios in the book.

    Submitted by Sabine

  • You know in the deepest reaches of your heart that it is impossible to read too much Harry Potter.

    Submitted by Lilly Evans Potter

  • You believe you play on a Quidditch team.
  • You see traits of the Harry Potter characters in your friends.

    Submitted by McMeans

  • You ask your friends what their "wand hand" is.
  • You try to speak in parsle tounge to your school's bathroom sink.
  • You tell guys you are part Veela so they'll like you.
  • You look at photographs & try to make them move.
  • You refuse to use the phone & insist on buying an owl to use instead.
  • You have to do a school project about a famous place & you choose Gringotts Bank, the Leaky Cauldron, or Hogwarts.

    Submitted by SI3CGinMON

  • You see a suit of armor, run over to it, and try to get it to talk to you.
  • You try a tan jelly bean, spit it out, and cry, "Alas! Ear wax!"
  • You run in fear from nervous-looking men wearing turbans (especially if they smell strongly of garlic).
  • You start a factory to make Nimbus 2000's and Firebolts.

    Submitted by Winky

  • You put your hair up in a bun trying to look like Professor McGonagall.
  • You make your cat sit on a brick wall all day looking at a map.
  • You beg your friends to write all your letters in emerald green ink, and seal it with the Hogwarts crest.
  • You ask your librarian Wheres the restricted section?
  • You ask your parents to nickname your house The Burrow.
  • You begin building a house with your parents and beg them to build a secret an a ton of staircases.
  • You try and blow up your mean aunt.
  • You get your household broom and use the broomstick servicing kit with the Handbook of do it yourself broomcare.
  • You look in a hedge and think somethings staring back.
  • You find an old hat and place it on a stool expecting it to sing and then crammming it onto your head waiting hours and hours for it to place you in a house.
  • You pray each night that Fred George Ron and Harry would come out in there Ford Anglia and take you with them back to the Burrow.
  • You try writing to the Ministry of Magic telling them to check in the Malfoys palace again this time under there Drawing Room Floor.
  • You try to make friend with gigantic and raggedy teachers in hopes of them being Lupin or Hagrid in disguise.
  • You go to every graveyard you know of and then some look for the same old headstone the one thats says Sir Nicholos De-Mimsy Porpington died 31st October in 1492.
  • You see a stone gargoyle and say lemon drop or cockroach cluster in hopes of a wall splitting apart revealing Dumbledores office in back.
  • You beg your choir teacher to let you sing the sorting hats song the hogwarts song or the singing valentine and dress up as charecters of cupids for your next concert.
  • You ask your history teacher about the chamber of secrets.
  • You see a spider and yell "Aragog!"
  • After you drink tea your swiffle the things in your cup with your left hand turn your cup upside down draining it onto your saucer and try to figure out what you tea leaves mean.
  • You go to yours or someones elses wardrobe and yell Riddikulus in case a boggart is hiding inside.
  • You get your mail and say "junk, junk, Daily Prophet, junk, junk, junk!"
  • You buy a giroscope and when it spins and whistles, you start calling it a pocket sneakoscope.
  • You've read the books enough times to know that theres a spelling error near the end of the 4th book, a missing quotation mark.
  • You mistake a cigarete lighter for a Puter-Outer.

    Submitted by Morgana33uk

  • You dream you're Harry Potter on a regular basis.
  • You daydream about the day (aah, bliss) the fifth book comes out.
  • You go on any Harry Potter quiz you can find to test your knowlege.
  • You are afraid of saying Voldermort's name. (I get cold chills when I do.)

    Submitted by Katrina

  • After reading each YKYRTMHPW you find yourself laughing and saying, "OMG! That is so true!"

    Submitted by MGMDolphins

  • You buy every single bit of HP merchidise.
  • You know every little bit about the movie because you've seen it 20 times.
  • You go to the library and costantly pester the libraian to order Hogwarts: A History.

    Submitted by Crazy4Harry

  • You no you've read to much Harry Potter when your neighbor offers to play Harry Potter and then you walk about the house putting spells on everything in sight.
  • You make brownies and chocolates in the shape of frogs.
  • You fill bottles with dried roots and powders, then lable them Powdered Beetle, Wolfsbane, etc.

    Submitted by Anonymous

  • You often hyperventilate in order to pass out and when asked why you did such a thing, you blame it on a Dementor.
  • Whenever you see a stray black dog on the street, you gasp and order your Mom to pull over.
  • You frequently leap onto your desk in school and shout, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"
  • You have actually considered jumping out of your window to see if you bounce.
  • If you wear glasses, you force your parents to by the black, round pairs and as soon as you get home, you snap them in two and reattach them with a lot of scotch tape.
  • You are chronically afraid of spiders.
  • You treat the term "Voldemort" as a disgusting swear word.
  • You have tried to send letters to faraway relatives by tying the letter to your parakeet and tossing her out your window, and then wondered why she did not return afterwards.
  • You purposefully get into bike accidents in hopes of walking away with a large jagged scar on your forhead.
  • 10. You refuse to associate with rats, insisting they are in reality small, egotistical, gullible men.

    Submitted by Mrs. Woods

  • You attempted to perform curses on your Draco-ish older brother(s).
  • You have a whole section of your room devoted soley to Harry Potter.
  • At Nature's Classroom (a school program), they asked you where you were from, and you said Hogwarts.
  • You claim that Harry is real and burst into tears whenever someone says he isn't.
  • People claim you read too much Harry and you say point-blankly, "Harry Potter isn't everything, but he is right up there with oxygen."
  • Pages from CoS are missing, but you have them memorized anyway.
  • You collect ticket stubs from everyone else that has also seen the movie and have them displayed in a glass case.
  • You hate Spiderman with a violent passion for the obvious reasons.
  • When asked what you would bring to a desert island if you could only bring one thing, you state quite plainy, "My Firebolt."
  • You sleep with your collector's edition Harry coke cup.
  • You follow the careers of anyone with even similar names to those of the actors in the movie.
  • You can quote every scene in the movie.
  • You have finally persuaded your friends who are sick and tired of looking at your battered copy of GoF, missing several hundreds of pages, that they vow to get you one for your birthday.
  • You burst into tears when your mom refuses to buy you Harry Potter (the person) for Christmas.
  • You know the origin of all the names, including Durmstrang. (Strang and Durm= storm and stress)
  • You invited Daniel Radcliffe to your graduation.
  • You named a bumblebee "Dumbledore."
  • Your friends attempt to keep you away from all Harry propaganda, but failed when you bit them.
  • You have stared so long and hard, that you know how many eyelashes Daniel Radcliffe/Emma Watson has.

    Submitted by HPlover4ever

  • After reading Gypsy's new message on the home page about the delay of the 5th book, you almost started crying.
  • You tell your parents that you plan to move to England when you grow up to go to school.
  • You are furious with this Neil Murray guy because you believe that he is causing the delay of the 5th book.
  • You try to get everyone you've ever associated yourself with - like family, friends, even people you just met - to read the books.
  • In your computer science class everything that you do is somehow associated with Harry Potter, like all the programs you code and pictures all over the computer.
  • Your friends are constantly yelling at you to talk to them instead of reading HP.
  • You sometimes run around your dining room with a broom yelling the unforgivable curse.
  • After yelling the curses, your mom has to give you a talk saying that she thinks you are taking this "Harry Potter thing too far."
  • You feel like the only people who understand how much you love Harry Potter are the people on this site.
  • You visit this site every day to see if there are any new updates.
  • You constantly quote the book and the movie.
  • You believe that you should be able to be in the movie even if you aren't British because you can have an English accent.
  • Sadly everything you in the YKYRTMHPWs is all TRUE!

    Submitted by Angelina Eagle

  • You have wriitten Tony Blair ten times, asking him what he knows about the magical comunity because it is soooo obviously stated the Prime Minister knows about Sirius Black!
  • You scream at anyone who mispronounces a term or name in the books.
  • You dream of Sean Biggerstaff or any other actor/actress in the movie.
  • You have a cat named Crookshanks.
  • Your parents tell you to stop reading and turn on the television.
  • You've read this list and feel ashamed if something doesn't apply to you.
  • You saw the movie on the first day.
  • You cry everytime you read the last chapters in Goblet of Fire (did you really think it would change after the 32nd reading?).

    Submitted by Ea Martin

  • You have frequent, long, complicated dreams about the books, and you have memorized every detail of the dreams.
  • ~Your therapist can't even begin to try and interpret these dreams.
  • You have looked through your local phone book for people with the same names as characters from the books.
  • You have attempted to contact these people.
  • These people have restraining orders against you.
  • People laughed at you when you showed up in dress robes at your school's prom/formal dance.
  • You examine closely every blue Ford Anglia you come across to see if any of them can fly or go invisible.
  • You didn't even try to disguise or hide youself when you went to see the Harry Potter movie the day it came out.
  • Not even when a group of the really popular people from your school walked by on their way to see Serendipity.

    Submitted by Evelyn Guadalupe

  • You name your cat Crookshanks in hope that she will befriend Padfoot
  • Your Chemistry teacher gets suspicious when you mumble things like "Riddikulus" hoping to make the class more interesting.
  • You want to dye your hair and go by the names Harry/Hermione/Ron/Ginny.
  • You hope they clear Sirius Black's name so you can run off and marry him. ::cough cough::
  • You go out on full moons looking for Remus to ask him about the whereabouts of Peter Pettigrew!
  • You feel like punching Draco in the face everytime he flashes the "Potter Stinks" sign.
  • Everytime you re-read the book you find little itty bitty details that you think have a huge effect in the following books.
  • The books are no longer binded but broken into small sections from the re-readings you've done, so you must buy new ones.
  • You're afraid to turn corners for fear that Voldemort might kill you for knowing too much about Harry!
  • Your friends begin to question you to see if you can still remeber that there is no magic, but you just laugh and mumble "Foolish Muggles"
  • You own the Harry Potter Soundtrack and listen to it as you read those specific scenes to see if it affects you
  • You write HP fanfics.
  • You can't seem to go ONE DAY without thinking of Mr. Harry Potter.
  • Everything in the world seems to have SOME relation to HP
  • You refer to your smaller siblings as Colin Creevy
  • You're mad and the world seems to hate you, your sisters can call you Moaning Myrtle (True for me :-)).
  • You refuse to write in your new diary because you simply know that Tom Marvolo Riddle is going to write back to you and cause some extreme wizarding disaster!
  • You've memorized each and every single line from the movie because you have seen it so many times.
  • You are convinced that this is THE best site for YKYRTMHPW's!!!

    Submitted by Kellie Ray

  • You try to get your name legally changed to Harry, Draco, or Ron (boy); Hermione, Minerva, or Ginny (girl).
  • You constantly are thinking up more YKYRTMHPW's and enjoy doing so.
  • You read every book you can find about spells so you don't fail your exams.
  • You have called your principal the headmaster and have re-named him/her Professor Dumbledore so many times that you have gotten detention for it.
  • You won't let your parents buy you a dog but insist that they buy you rats and owls every time they're in a pet store.
  • You visit this site 8 times a day just to read the new YKYRTMHPW's.
  • You only play quiz games if they are Harry Potter related.
  • You have named your pet cat(s) Crookshanks, Crookshanks Jr., Crookshanks the 3rd, and so on.
  • You will only talk to your friends and family if they want to talk about Harry Potter.
  • You call every red-haired person you meet Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charley, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, or Ginny.
  • You automatically go to the HP section of a store; if they don't have one you refuse to shop there until they get one.
  • You go online to every day to see if they have downloaded the Marauder's Map yet.
  • Your parents won't ever let you read the HP books again because you've memorized all 4 of them.
  • You get out your wand and curse anyone who makes fun of HP.
  • You are always trying to get your parents to move the family to London just so you can be closer to J.K. Rowling.
  • You've already gone online and made a reservation in London for a spot to build your house when you grow up.
  • You are banned from entering the countries of Great Britain, Bulgaria, Ireland, and Scotland by their government because you kept going to the embassies to ask where Harry Potter was.
  • You read about a thousand YKYRTMHPW's a day and you STILL don't get a headache.
  • You call people you like Harry, Ron, Hermione, etc.
  • You call people you don't like Malfoy, Snape, Goyle, etc.
  • You call your 6 year old brother stupid Muggle because he calls HP Harry Potty.
  • Within the day you submitted 45 YKYRTMHPW's, you have come up with 10 more.

    Submitted by Dark Elf Princess

  • Your best friend is a boy that looks just like Harry Potter.
  • Your will to do magic is so strong spells from the books work for you.
  • You dye your hair red so you can be Ginny Weasley.
  • You watch the movie and point out every thing that is different from the book.(Harry's hair is too light, the devil's snare is above the floor, they left out Dudley's friend, Crabbe and Goyle are too small)
  • You get sorted into Griffindor and throw a party for all of your friends.
  • You and your best friend pretend to be Ginny and Harry and create stories about them getting married and having kids someday.
  • You have psychic visions of what happens in the next book.
  • You live the stories as you read them (I have every 26 times I've read them.)
  • You live the stories when you aren't reading.
  • Everything you say is a quote from the books.
  • Anyone who shows disrespect toward Harry must die.
  • Anything you hear can be connected to Harry Potter.
  • You call a dumb person a "git."
  • Your British accent is perfect and you speak it always.
  • You wonder what Harry is up to right now (hopefully he and Ginny have gotten together.)
  • You tell everyone to call you by a name from the book (or legally change your name to a Harry Potter name.)
  • You go to Egypt to meet Bill Weasley and learn about dragons.
  • You remodel your house to look like Hogwarts.
  • The woods behind your house are really the Forbidden Forest.
  • You and your best friend communicate by owl post.
  • You convince yourself that you are Ginny Weasley and your boyfriend is Harry Potter.
  • You always have a copy of every Harry Potter book and school book in your backpack (and it's not for strength training.)
  • If you don't know someone's name you call them by a name from the books.
  • You look up Vernon Dursley in the phone book during the summer and call and ask for Harry Potter.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Blue Yeti

  • A friend is explaining Lord of the Rings trying to convince to read them but you don’t have enough time to do so because you’re rereading all the HP fanfics you’ve ever come across.
  • Said friend mentions a character in LOTR called Wormtongue you immediately think of Wormtail, the links and consequences of this thinking leads to the thought that maybe JK slightly nicked the idea. And you brush away this thought because we all know that JK can do no wrong (except for taking so long with the 5th book).
  • You mention your thoughts to the friends around you and they all sigh and your best friend makes signs to another girl to cut the talk on obsessions hoping you don’t notice and start spouting the virtues of HP. (All this happened to me on Friday)
  • You make up stories to tell your parents about kids on the net who believe in HP so that they won’t figure out it’s really you.
  • You’re on a fan site like this one and you have 5 hours before a main exam block that you haven’t studied for. (me in another few hours)
  • You were talking about HP so much in the last few hours so that when you walk into a shop with Automatic doors you wave your hand hoping you look like your imitating a Jedi so your family won’t realise that you mumble Alohomora and are still thinking about Harry.
  • When writing an All About Me profile that will go public, you name your mentor/favourite person as a character from the HP books or Fandom. (I did this with Stargate last year and my best friend was very scared and quite likely is only still my friend because of pity.)
  • You consciously think of HP more than you think of your schoolwork during a school day. (I think I might be guilty)
  • Your best friend glares suspiciously at the computer screen if you ever minimise something when she comes up behind you - even if it has a perfectly innocent title eg. “Time of Good Inten…”
  • You’ve lost more than 30% on an assignment due to lateness - because you were rereading HP fanfiction.
  • You completely disregard the statement on the Nimbus 2000 plastic broomstick (the one saying “No, this can’t fly!”).
  • If you’re over 11 you hope that your little sister/brother will get their Hogwarts letter soon so you can prove to you parents that you believing in Harry was completely justified.
  • This doesn’t happen and you fake a letter like above so they won’t put you in for therapy.

    Submitted by Lupin's Favorite Flea

  • Your 5 year old daughter goes around asking EVERYONE in a uniform if they know where Platform 9 and 3/4 is in her best British accent.

    Submitted by Tina Radcliffe

  • You write a letter, address it to yourself, put the Hogwarts crest on it, find an owl, give the letter to the owl and let the owl fly to you so that you can bask in the glory of getting a letter from Hogwarts.
  • You watch the Harry Potter DVD with the subtitles on so that you can memorize every little word each character says.
  • Your background and screensaver on your computer are both related to Harry Potter.
  • You bought Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 7 months ago and some are still left because you lost the flavour guide and you're afraid to eat them.
  • You won't let ANYONE touch any of you Harry Potter stuff (as in books and figurines) for fear of them tearing or breaking your very valuable items.
  • You avoid dark alleys for fear of seeing the Grim.
  • You beg your Mom to knit you a gold and scarlet scarf.
  • You scare your sister sometimes because you mutter spells under your breath.
  • You usually get in trouble for that
  • You call people who have no clue what Hogwarts is, Muggles.
  • You believe that science class is Potions and your science teacher is Professor Snape.
  • Your nickname suddenly becomes Cho and you don't know who started it.

    Submitted by Swathi

  • You go round saying to your friends, "It's Leviohsah, not Leviosaaa."

    Submitted by Rivard

  • You cut your forehead with a knife to get a lightning bolt scar.
    Webmistress Note: Kids, don't try that at home. We are merely kidding.

    Submitted by Hermione Malfoy

  • You bought the first movie the very morning it came out on tape, and have watched it fifteen times.
  • You can say every line in the movie along as you watch it.
  • You are facinated by the name 'Voldemort', and think it suits all criminals.
  • You are constantly marking people with the characters (Eg. "Mom, you remind me of Professor Sprout when... Dad you look exactly like Professor Snape did that time... Brother, you look like Draco when he's about to... Sister, you study too much, just like Hermione!)
  • You are starting to hate people who brush you off when you ask them if they like Harry Potter.
  • Every time you hear the word 'explosion', you think of Seamus Finnigan.
  • You have watched the special footage at the end of the first movie 300 times, and still laugh.
  • You have read all the books at least thirteen times.
  • You can't help but think Malfoy and Snape are funny
  • You were the first to buy the video/DVD when it came out. (I bought mine at 10:00 am!)
  • You only play Barbies with your little sister if you can change them to be HP characters. (I painted an identical couple of Ken's hair red so they could be Fred & George!)
  • You have a pet kitten named Neville and a puppy named Remus.
  • Your e-mail address has something to do with the magical world.
  • You write fanfics all the time, and always think up interesting plot lines for the REAL books.
  • If JKR doesn't put the 5th book out by your birthday, you're using that money to fly to Bolivia to pick up your friend Annie, and then heading straight to Scotland, hunting this lady down, and figuring out a way to steal the manuscript so you can finish it for her.

    Submitted by Moonsparkles

  • You have sudden cravings for toast.
  • You feel like everyone who calls you obsessed "just doesn't get it".
  • You are comforted by this list.
  • Every time you say anything Harry Potter related to your parents, they sigh and say "I hope it isn't permanent."
  • You used to force you younger siblings to play "school". Now you force them to play Hogwarts.

    Submitted by Snow

  • You start telling your mom to cook in a cauldron, and wondering why your food doesn’t appear on your plate.
  • You buy a cloak and try to convince people that it is the latest fashion.
  • You start sleeping in trees, with a trap set, hoping to catch your own owl!
  • You beg your parents to let you get a lightning bolt tattooed on your forehead.
  • You have HP underwear and tell people about them, suggesting they buy some!
  • You have bought the HP books, copied down the spells, and handed them out to people.

    Submitted by Savannah

  • You run around the house with a towel wrapped around your shoulder and riding on your mothers broomstick, yelling, "I see the Snitch, I see the Snitch!"

    Submitted by Sara R.

  • You changed your favorite colour to green because that's the colour of Harry's eyes.
  • You claim your best friend is a character from the book *cough Fred and George cough*
  • You almost blown up the house trying to make "Ton-Tongue Toffees" and "Canary Creams".
  • You kick anyone who wears green and silver together.
  • You wear only scarlet and gold.
  • You have a picture of a character from Harry Potter on your desktop *cough Fred and George cough*
  • You search website after website trying to find some one who knows more than you.
  • You read all of the YKYRTMHPW's in one whole day, but decide to read them again in case you missed some
  • You name your cat Crookshanks or Professor Mcgongall, your bird Buckbeak or Hedwig and your dog Fluffy of Fang
  • You go out into the wood searching for a dead or hurt unicorn.
  • You expect your teachers to make you shine trophies or help your self-absorbed teacher for detention
  • You get caught sneaking around the school and say "I can't believe I forgot the Invisibility cloak!"
  • On your first day of school you ask, "Where are the dungeons? I have Potions!"
  • You tell your friend "I know you like our teacher, you've read all of his books!" Until she yells at you and tells you that your teacher doesn't write books
  • Your parents give you new books and ask you to read them but you never do.
  • You ask your parents if they've seen a letter with emerald writing every day even if your not 11 any more
  • Your you blew out 12th birthday candles your wish was "I wish my acceptance letter got lost in the mail and s on it's way."
  • You check back to the YKYRTMHPW page every day to see if it was updated.

    Submitted by Danny I.

  • You walk up and down Charing Cross Road, hoping to find the Leaky Cauldron.

    Submitted by Molly

  • Your little brother excitedly shows you the toad he found in the woods, and you warn him in all seriousness not to let it sit on any chicken eggs (true story!).

    Submitted by Kristin

  • You name your cat Gryffindor, your bird Ravenclaw, your snake Slytherin, and your hamster - or any other rodent, save a rat - Hufflepuff.

    Submitted by Hermyfan

  • You honestly cannot remember how many times you've read each book.
  • You have daydreams about reading the next HP book.
  • Every time you pass a bookshop you wander in and stand and just look at the HP books for a moment.
  • You believe that no one else has the same connection to the books that you do - you're the only person who truly understands them, and what life is like for Harry.

    Submitted by Padfoot aka Lady Arwen

  • You stand around in the shower and hum the Harry Potter theme from the movie, and then start talking to yourself (with an English accent) and pretend you are Ron AND Hermione (And you answer yourself too!)
  • Your friends start talking about the book, and when talking about Hermione you turn around and ask them why they are talking about you.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by GirlRonWeasley

  • You accidentally call your teacher Mrs. Gryffindor (her real name is Griffin).

    Submitted by MioneMalfoy

  • You follow people around that look like people from the book/movie.
  • You stare into the mirror hoping it will yell at you, or show you what you want.
  • You change your birthday to July 31
  • Your friends try to say anything that might trigger your chatter about Harry Potter
  • You make up songs about Harry Potter.
  • You buy a diary hoping that Tom Riddle will be in it.
  • Your mum actually started to cry when tried to curse your brother...again!

    Submitted by Shawna

  • You re-model your home like Hogwarts.
  • You only write with parchment and quills.
  • You find a feather outside and try to write with it.
  • You take your broom and try to fly out of a three story window with it.
  • You try to match up all of your teacher's personalities with Hogwarts professors’ personalities.
  • You have watched the movie over 20 times.
  • You only have penpals who are obsessed with Harry Potter like you.
  • You live in America and all of your friends and family have American accents and you speak with a British one.
  • You complain to your school principal why the school can't have feasts on holidays.
  • You sneak out at night with your wand planning to find and defeat Voldemort.

    Submitted by Leah

  • Everything in your room is decked out with Harry Potter (i.e. calendar, posters, picture frames, bedspread).
  • You try to convince your whole family to read Harry Potter, including your pets.
  • When most of your bookmarks are all Harry Potter fan sites or merchandise.
  • You won't bother to read any other fictional magic books, because you truly know that the Harry Potter series outdoes them all!

    Submitted by Ashley Ates

  • You saw the second movie and now you wish you could puke slugs, too! Mmm, tasty.

    Submitted by Ankita Mishra

  • You crack up at everything on the list really loudly and almost fall off your chair (hehe, oops!)
  • You find yourself humming the Harry Potter theme song in Barnes and Noble and when you finally realize that everyone around you are staring, you swiftly bury your face in a Harry Potter book
  • You find yourself doing almost everything on this list (what?)you play the Harry Potter soundtrack on Christmas while serving butterbeer to your very confused guests
  • You do your hair like Hermione and read her lines in the book in a perfect English accent, just to prove that your so much more the part than Emma Watson (ehem)
  • Your bulletin board is filled with Harry Potter stuff, including the piece of artwork you did last year
  • You wear the colors of Gryffindor to the premiere of the second movie (it was really subtle, okay!)
  • You become enraged whenever they show people reading Harry Potter or have interviews with Harry Potter fans, thinking, "They're not REAL fans..."
  • You get really mad whenever someone says anything negative about Harry Potter and yell at the articles against Harry Potter that you read online, making your parent wonder if they should have put you into therapy after all.
  • You try to do better in school just to be like Hermione (I actually got an 'A' in math because of this).
  • Half of your journal entries consist of things about Harry Potter
  • You first read the books, you had dreams about a flash of green light and high, and cackling laughter, for about a week.
  • You say things like, "I thought I was the only one who did that!" in response to the things on this list
  • Your personal list could go on and on and on and on....

    Submitted by Lyn aka Eirual Sylverleaf

  • You personally take it upon yourself to ask your local librarian where you can find a copy of Quidditch Through The Ages.
  • You’ve found one.
  • You buy a white owl and name it Hedwig, regardless of its sex.
  • You spot a toad and dash after it, yelling ‘Trevor! There you are!’
  • All you want for Christmas is a Firebolt.
  • You write to ESPN asking them to televise the Quidditch World Cup matches.
  • You start a Quidditch team in your school.
  • You start a Quidditch tournament in your school.
  • When you’re mad at people, you wave a pen at them and yell ‘Avada Kedavra!’
  • You write YKYRTMHPW lists in math class.
  • You’ve memorized all of movie Oliver Wood’s lines.
  • You’ve memorized all of movie Fred and George’s lines.
  • Hell, you’ve memorized the whole damn script of the movie!
  • You call Voldemort ‘Voldie-poo’.
  • The last time you were sick, you were reported to have been yelling, ‘Madam Pomfrey! Where are you when I need you?’
  • You get every question in every HP quiz you’ve come across correct, but you’ve failed math, biology, chemistry...
  • Whaddya mean there’s more to life than Harry Potter?
  • You spend so much time in front of your TV, that your parents decide you need to see a shrink.
  • At the shrink’s, you manage to relate every ink blot test to a HP character - ‘That looks JUST like Professor McGonagall’s hat!’
  • You get the shrink hooked onto HP too.
  • You run around school with your other HP obsessed friends and act out scenes from the books or movie in the hallways, the bathrooms, in class...
  • Too much HP? There’s no such thing as too much HP!
  • You have over eighty pictures of Daniel Radcliffe alone.
  • You scratch a lightning bolt scar on your forehead with a pencil in a state of absentmindedness.
  • You stand so close to a ‘Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone’ publicity poster that your friends start yelling at you to "stop kissing the guy in that picture!"
  • You wander into King’s Cross Station and ask everyone where Platform 9 3/4 is.
  • You then attempt to fling yourself through the pillar between platforms 9 and 10.
  • You wax long and poetic about how Gryffindor is the coolest House in Hogwarts.
  • You read every available HP fanfic out there.
  • Not satisfied, you begin to write your own.
  • You put off going to bed just so you can write a list like this.
  • You draw fan art of one or all of the characters constantly.
  • Most of this fan art is not rated PG.
  • You are determined to own every HP picture that is out on the Internet.
  • You stand up in the middle of your final-year Math paper and shout "I AM LORD VOLDEMORT! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!" at the top of your lungs
  • You sing the Hogwarts school song in the shower.
  • To the Teletubbies theme.
  • At the top of your voice.
  • Until the landlord threatens to evict your family. :-)

    Submitted by Katie

  • You constantly dream that you are flying on a broom and showing off you're skill to the whole neighborhood.
  • You are called Neville by all your friends that are Harry Potter friends cause you have a very bad memory and are getting hurt all the time. (well, maybe I'm not called Neville, but I know my friends are thinking it, hehe)
  • You made up you're own wizarding school and insist it is as good as any Hogwarts
  • Your mom threatens to throw the books away if you continue reading them.
  • You continue to read them, and she hides them from you for a good while
  • You didn't know whether to like the movie, or say it sucked cause it skipped too many parts from the book.
  • You have a "wand" and keep it hidden from your younger siblings so they don't use it. (So what if I do?)
  • You and your friends think of who would be what character. (I think I'd have to be half Hermione, half Neville...kinda odd, I know.)

    Submitted by Snape's Slave

  • You've made a hobby of trying to convert your friends to the Harry Potter 'religion'.
  • You now have friends calling to tell you that thanks to you, they're suffering Harry Potter withdrawal symptoms and have to buy the movie.
  • You have a twenty-minute argument with your best friend about whether Draco is pronounced "Dray-co" or "Drah-co."
  • You have reflexively struck good friends of yours when they unwittingly slighted the Harry Potter series or a character in it.
  • You nearly crashed your car into a tree at the shock of hearing your painfully deluded friend mentioned "Sirius Snape".
  • You often go for hours speaking nothing but Harry Potter quotes (double points for quotes in context!).
  • Your best friend got you a real wooden trunk as a high school graduation present, along with a stuffed 'carrier owl' and a letter wishing you luck in 'Hogwarts'.
  • You dragged your friends to see the Scooby-Doo movie because a little kid happened to mention in your presence that it was where he saw the CoS trailer. They never forgave you.Submitted by Hedwig Potter
  • You make gillyweed out of dyed blue-green spaghetti.
  • You eat it and then try to breathe under water and almost drown.Submitted by Sirius' Girl
  • The absolute worst insult you can think of is Mudblood.

    Submitted by Harry_Potter_freak63

  • You send a strongly worded letter to the producers of "Will and Grace" for dissing Harry Potter in one of their episodes.
  • You scream and squeal EVERY time ANYTHING comes on about Harry Potter ANYWHERE.
  • You toss every Harry Potter thing you own into an interior closet with pillows when there's a tornado warning. (sniff.)
  • You search for Harry Potter sites daily on Google and Yahoo.
  • You are going to name your pets Fang, Hedwig and Crookshanks when your current ones die.
  • You invented a Harry Potter version of MASH.
  • You've read Book 1 sixteen and 3/4 times, Book 2 eight times, Book 3 eight and a half times, and Book 4 four times. (And still counting.)
  • You're already designing your fansite.
  • You mutter you wish you could change your Muggle money when you see the new $100 levitation playset.
  • You talk to your Harry Potter posters and calendar.
  • You write down Harry, Ron, Hermione, J.K., and the casts' birthdays in your planner.
  • You run around your yard on a broomstick, stomping and kicking the ground, trying to fly. (sniffle.)
  • You have an entire floppy disk you are saving for your fansite full of only mistakes in the movie.
  • You complain to everyone about the delay of the fifth book. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. (i.e., the cashier at the grocery store, the doctor, and the radio station.)
  • There's a complaint in your local paper's editorial section every week from you.
  • You walk around calling anyone who looks like any HP character by their HP names.
  • You name your classes, teachers, classmates and mall stores after those in the books.
  • You have a VCR, DVD player, PS and PS2, and PC, and have the movie on VHS and DVD, plus the game for PS, PS2, and PC.
  • You wore your Gryffindor shirt, black robes, a black pointed hat and a lightning bolt tattoo to the premiere in your area.
  • You camped outside Target to get every book, and the movie, first.
  • You dart to the HP section in the store first to make sure there's nothing you don't have already.
  • Your answering machine message says, "Hello, you've reached Harry_Potter_freak63; I'm out shopping in Diagon Alley right now, but leave your electric owl after the howl and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can." (sadly, me.)

    Submitted by Melissa

  • You paint an egg gold, take it to a bath and try to hear voices that tell you about the 2nd Triwizard Tournament task.
  • You're at a hotel and raid the kitchens at midnight, hoping to find some house-elves.
  • You play chess and wait hours and hours for the pieces to move when you say "E4" or something like that.
  • You purposely scratch yourself a lightning bolt shape on your forehead, even if it hurts.
  • You go looking into all basins, seeing if they are pensieves.
  • You get excited whenever you see a name from Harry Potter.
  • You tap any old piece of paper with a wand (really a stick) saying, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
  • You get scared whenever you have to open an envelope, fearing that there is Undiluted Bubotuber Pus in there.
  • You get so angry at things that are different from the book in the movie, such as Harry Potter's eyes are supposed to be GREEN, NOT BLUE!
  • You get sad when you figure out that your birthday is just 2 days after Harry Potter's birthday. That’s not sad! That’s cool!
  • Every time you hear someone say anything wrongly that is to do with Harry Potter, you automatically correct them even if that person is a complete stranger.
  • You keep wishing that Hogwarts is real, and that when it’s your 11th birthday, you will get a letter saying that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • You consistently look through all maps you find, trying to find Diagon Alley, Godric’s Hollow, and, of course, Hogwarts!
  • You keep searching on every search engine you know to find the best Harry Potter fan site. (That’s how I found this site. Haven’t been searching for better sites anymore… I don’t think there can be any Harry Potter fan site better! :-)) Aww! ::hugs Melissa::

    Submitted by Eliza Ryan

  • Every essay in your English class seems to head somewhere towards Harry Potter, much to the dismay of your wonderful English Teacher (totally me)
  • Every time you see a HP poster or picture related to it you goggle over it (still me)
  • You have been sent to the King's Cross Station office at least three times for running into the barrier between platforms 9 and 10, vandalising both your trolley and the barrier.
  • You know every word of the HP trailers and you can even say them with expression.
  • You try to speak with an affected English accent and fail miserably!
  • You can recite all the HP cast profiles by heart and you are the human Internet Movie Database.

    Submitted by the Hamilton Family

  • You can quote every half-way exciting passage in every book.
  • You threw the book down and tried to keep yourself from screaming out loud when Pettigrew (damn rat) escaped.
  • You shouted "THAT SUCKS!" when Lupin had to leave.
  • You check every day to see if you can pre-order the 5th book yet.
  • You have at least two different copies of all the books on their own special shelf in your bookshelf.
  • You're starting to develop a British accent from imagining that accent in your head while you read.
  • You say "Yes, Aunt Petunia!" in a pointed way when you're mom tells you something that's extremely unfair.
  • You've taken every online quiz, aced all of them in 2 seconds, and complained that they were too easy and said you were going to make a properly hard one.
  • You say "Look, there's Hedwig!" whenever you see an owl (not often), even if its not a snowy owl.
  • You want a pet owl for your birthday.
  • You're reading this list!

    Submitted by Chocolate Frog

  • You can quote lines from the book and/or movie, and often do so.
  • You mutter things in your sleep like "He's at Hogwarts . . ."
  • You don't particularly like Cho Chang because you wish Harry loved you instead. Or me. I vote for me!
  • You have written one of these YKYRTMHPW
  • You daydream about becoming a "Harry Potter Character" but specifically one of the gang.
  • You wish you had an owl but your parents think you're crazy
  • You have all 4 books in two languages in case you have a foreign exchange student (never too soon to begin reading Harry Potter)
  • You have carved a "wand" out of an ordinary stick
  • You have a broomstick; you DO have one, right?
  • You move your birthday party to the opening night of one of the Harry Potter movies, depending on what year it is now.
  • You have a lot of Harry Potter merchandise.
  • You've been to so many times, it becomes boring.
  • You have all these Harry Potter obsessed friends
  • You grin every time someone mentions the name Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or Hermione Granger.
  • You daydream about Harry Potter
  • You have had at least three Harry Potter dreams. Extra points if they were nightmares! (I’m kidding.)
  • You have them constantly
  • You can't wait until all the books come out
  • You have a Harry Potter website (unfortunately not me, but there aren't enough good providers out there)
  • You wish you could move to England

    Submitted by Bryony

  • Your MSN main screen has Harry Potter all over it.
  • Your desktop background also has Harry Potter all over it.
  • You have a Harry Potter screensaver
  • All you talk about in class is Harry Potter and how you'd rather go to a school like Hogwarts because it has much more interesting classes which you'd actually be willing to learn about!
  • While listening to your Harry Potter soundtrack in music class, a friend disturbs your heavenly daydream of being Draco Malfoy's still-evil-Slytherin-house-devilishly-good-looking identical twin sister in which you and Harry fall in love, despite Draco's loathing of this (or, if you’re interested in guys, you fall in love with Draco!)
  • You feel totally dejected that you can't star in any of the movies because you're not British (I'm Australian!)
  • You spend all your free time dreaming you are a student a Hogwarts and that you become really close friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione
  • You've memorised all the actors and actresses who played parts in the Harry Potter movie, whether they were large or small parts
  • You spend a lot of your free time looking at the Harry Potter pictures located all throughout your diary
  • You printed off the entire list of YKYRTMHPW, highlighted all the ones that applied to you, and stuck them up on your wall
  • You've written letters to the majority of actors who played major roles as students at Hogwarts in the movie (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Sean Biggerstaff, James and Oliver Phelps, etc. etc.)

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Kelly

  • You name your pet bird Hedwig and try to make him/her send mail to your friend by tying a letter to its legs.
  • You write letters to J. K. Rowling so that she could write books 5, 6, and 7 with a new character from America so that you could be s/he in the movies.
  • You've memorized most parts in the movie and act them out to your friend when you are feeling Harry Potterish.
  • You stand in front of a mirror and pretend it's the Mirror of Erised and pretend to see your biggest desire (Mine is to be a witch in Hogwarts with Harry)
  • You see a rat, you look at its paw to see if a finger is missing.
  • You search for James & Lily Potter in the UK phone book.
  • You cover your ears quickly after opening a book that you have never seen before expecting to hear a scream and see a face.
  • Call your best friends Ron & Hermoine.
  • Pretend that your little sibling is your house elf.
  • Pretend to play Quiddich during Recess and find all the kids starring at you strangely afterwards.
  • Try to make up a cast a spell by muttering Latin words while pointing your wand (stick) at something.
  • You run back & forth in your school bus asking everyone if they have seen a toad a boy Neville has lost one until the driver madly screams at you ordering you to sit down.
  • You dream about Harry Potter every night or at least you try.
  • You call any prohibited place the 3rd floor.
  • Stalk Emma, Daniel, & Rupert just for a piece of their hair. I certainly hope not!
  • You agree with all of the YKYRTMHPW's

    Submitted by Dorene Riddle

  • You name your cat Crookshanks and freak out whenever he/she brings a dead rat..(my cat has a nice little habit of doing that!)
  • Your Parents put you into a mental hospital for always saying the Harry Potter spells, and for calling them Muggles all the time.
  • Every time you read one of the books you gasp in horror or shock and laugh at the funny parts even though you've read them a million times and you know that happens (ME!)
  • You try to imitate Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort’s laugh.

    Submitted by Aleah Prenni

  • You stay up very late at night trying to read the rest of the Harry Potter book that you began that day (for the 10th time) and then almost fall asleep in class the next day.

    Submitted by Sweet Leaf

  • Submitted by Extreme Delinquent

  • You run screaming and jumping for joy around your house when you discover that your new high school is, like Hogwarts, divided into houses.(hehe thats me :]) Wow! That was me, too! In junior high, both eighth and seventh grade were put into three different “houses,” and we’re talking in America. It was pretty cool!
  • You also believe your house absolutely MUST be the equivalent of your favorite Harry Potter house!

    Submitted by Slvrsrcrss

  • You build your own wand to look like Harry's
  • You mutter spells under your breath when you’re mad.
  • You never call the actors by their real names.
  • You completely ignore the fact that people are ignoring you when you talk about Harry Potter.
  • You decorate your own Slytherin (or whichever) banners.
  • You secretly know it's all real and it's just a matter of time before you meet Harry Potter.
  • You want to hurt the person that said only Brits can be in the HP movies.
  • You were annoyed that Verne Troyer was in the first one (isn’t he American?).
  • Every time Harry Potter is mentioned you look around excitedly.

    Submitted by Michelle

  • You laugh hysterically when you see a picture of Tom Felton and Emma Watson with a man dressed up in a doggy costume (at the London Scooby Doo premiere; check the movie galleries!).
  • You make a say no to drugs bookmark for read ribbon week and the title is: solve smoking the Harry Potter way and WIN!!!
  • You start a Harry Potter club at school and there's a good and evil side and you run around at recess with sticks and shout spells at the other team.

    Submitted by Aellin Ryder

  • You use this site as a check list for your insanity.

    Submitted by Zoe

  • You beg your sister to read to you because your eyes are so sore from reading.
  • You make Harry Potter worry dolls to keep you from worrying that she won’t get the books done for another decade (ME!)
  • You paint your room Scarlet with Gold trim, Green with Silver trim, Blue with Bronze trim and/or Yellow with Black trim.
  • Your least favorite animal now becomes your favorite (Eagle, Snake, Lion, Badger.)

    Submitted by Sargina

  • You run about London trying to find the Leaky Cauldron.
  • You grab any stick and tap it on every brick wall trying to find the entrance to Diagon Alley.
  • You insist on buying a Ford Angelina that flies people look at you weird.

    Submitted by Julie Davin

  • Your mother won't let you read the books anymore because you always read them which caused you to narrowly escape summer-school so you vowed to actually become Hermione just so you could read the books (a.k.a. your obsession) again
  • Your waiting for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson to simply show up on your door-step so you four could be best friends
  • Your convinced you look like a brief description of one of the characters even though you don't and everyone tells you so
  • When your twelfth birthday passed and you didn't get a letter you convinced yourself that because of whatever reason your letter is coming a year late
  • Your certain that if you met Harry Potter, you would be the very best of friends
  • You prance around your house wearing one of those really long, black, hooded sweaters and your old school uniform because you think it resembles the Hogwarts one.
  • You can type the HP characters’ names better and faster than you own
  • All you ever want for your birthday or Christmas is something to do with HP
  • You grandmother bought you those five-year-old cheesy robe set and you loved it

    Submitted by HarryPotterLove32

  • You took your first copy of GoF with you everywhere, read and re-read it, tried to remember all the chapter names and called it your 'baby'.
  • In the beginning of the 2nd chapter in GoF you were having difficulty breathing because Harry had a bad dream.
  • You cried when Cedic died.
  • You still cringe at the thought of Harry making a fool of himself in front of Cho when he asked her to the Yule Ball.
  • You ignore anyone who insults Harry Potter and try to convince your friends who don't read the books that he is really GREAT!
  • You forced your two best friends to go see the first movie with you
  • You find yourself wishing Sirius was real so you could tell him how much he means to you.
  • You think of HP all the time at school and have a violent urge to run home and get online to talk to HP lovers.
  • You correct anyone who makes mistakes about Harry Potter names, situations, etc., immediately.
  • You enter ALL HP competitions and cry when you don't win.
  • You have the Hogwarts school song taped onto your bedroom wall.
  • You get so psyched when you hear about the upcoming movie you pace around your house at 11 pm, biting your nails in anticipation.
  • You get totally jealous when you find someone who knows more about Harry Potter than you
  • You have two copies of each book!

    Submitted by Rabid Hamster

  • A commercial comes on television, you jump up so fast you get twisted in a blanket and fall.
  • Your sister is running around the house looking for her new pet rat and when she asks you if you know you innocently say no while glancing repeatedly at the blender while muttering, "Die, Pettigrew, die!" under your breath.
  • You hear the HP music you run in the TV room screaming before you remember you just put in the movie for the sixth time that day.
  • You find new ways to disguise your voice so that the mean bookstore people won't hang up on you.
  • You attack anyone who hasn't read Harry Potter within 50 feet.
  • Being a teenager you curse that they don't make Harry Potter clothes our size you buy them from the little boy section in Wal-Mart.
  • Your friends who thought they were fanatics now just say they love the books because of how you act.
  • You actually read every single one of the YKYTMHPW's
  • You have a shrine to Harry in your room.
  • You have more than 2 clocks in you room because there were so many HP ones to choose from
  • You learned to play chess after reading the books
  • Your family tell you if you put one more screensaver about Harry Potter on the computer they will personally kill you. So you find one about Daniel Radcliffe!
  • You start counting down days till the next book/movie at least 200 days beforehand.
  • You make potions under you bed and look oblivious when your mom asks what that smell is.
  • At least once a week your friends send you a letter saying you've been accepted and you still fall for it.

    Submitted by Tori

  • Whenever a person at your school finds something on the floor or in the halls that says anything related to Harry Potter they automatically come to you and ask if it is yours.
  • You start saying something, your parents say, "Are we talking about Harry Potter again?"
  • You went to England, New York, or Los Angeles to see the premiere of the Harry Potter movie
  • Your homeroom teacher's mother gives your teacher articles about Harry Potter she found in the newspaper and tells her to give them to you (scary, but that's me).

    Submitted by Guadalupe E.

  • You name your children, pets, or house plants after Harry Potter characters.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by Cara

  • Your friends and family wonder how you can laugh at something in the books when you've already read the books several times over already.

    Submitted by Padfoot's Protégé

  • Your Harry Potter Video/DVD got more use in the first week you owned it than any other movie you own.
  • You make a list of the characters in Prisoner of Azkaban that haven't been casted and try to think of people who would fit the roles (My husband and I were doing that...I think Roger Daltrey of the Who would make a GREAT Lupin, ‘cept he's a bit old!)
  • You get upset when Oliver Wood (the Gryffindor Quidditch captain) graduates....Mmmmm cute boys with accents ::drools::
  • You'd like to be Cho, but not because of Harry, because of Cedric.
  • You're amazed at the fact that the kid who plays Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets (Christian Coulson...another cutie) is 23 but plays a 16 year old.
  • You know that so many people are after Harry that you search the books and movies looking for other characters to harbor crushes on (plus Harry's too young for me...the older boys are closer to my age of 20)

    Submitted by Liz

  • You prod trees in your back yard trying to get them to stop moving.
  • You have tried to get everyone you have ever met to read Harry Potter.
  • You have trouble watching the HP movie without getting VERY angry because almost everything is wrong or left out.

    Submitted by Unicorn Shadows

  • You get a tattoo in a book order of a scar that says Harry Potter, you cut of the Harry Potter part and put it on your forehead. Then make a split in your bangs so people can see it.
  • You are a poor, unfortunate blond Harry Potter freak that has nothing better to do with your life but surf the web for HP websites. (Gypsy, this is not you. It is me! That’s a relief, but we all know I am exactly like that! Thanks for covering for me. :-))
  • You have to beg your mother on bended knee in the music section of Barnes & Noble to get you the HP soundtrack because you think that if you listen to it enough you will magically get warped in the Harry's/Ron's/Hermione's body while you're asleep. (I wish!)
  • You talk with a British accent in public so people think you're British.

    Submitted by Harrygal

  • You check daily to see if Moaning Myrtle has moved into your toilet.

    Submitted by Molly

  • You refuse to say You-Know-Who's real name.

    Submitted by Deity

  • You have so many HP posters on your wall that you can't actually see the wall underneath them.
  • You have all of the HP related stuffed animals kept in a glass case in your room.

    Submitted by Jannat

  • You finally get to the United Kingdom, you spend your days there trying to find Harry Potter "landmarks."

    Submitted by Kasia

  • You see someone with red hair and ask if they're related to the Weasleys.

    Submitted by J. Hagan

  • Each night you search cupboards and wardrobes, checking for boggarts.
  • After you get in a fight with someone, you protest to the authorities that you "didn't mean hurt 'em, they just reminded me of Malfoy!"

    Submitted by Kim

  • Everytime your mom tells you to do something you think is unfair you say, "Why don't you just lock me up under a cupboard under our stairs?!"
  • You've actually seen Daniel Radcliffe in person and he was scared of you (maybe because you were jumping up and down, trying to get his autograph).

    Submitted by Lina

  • You and another Harry Potter fan actually argue over some of the finer details in the books.
  • You "get sorted" online and freak out when your put into Slytherin (or the one house you never wanted to be in).
  • You tell the people you haven't read the books, but watched the movie, how some things came to be or what not, that aren't explained in the film.
  • You are actually very upset that the Weasley twins weren't in the movie more, and tell yourself they HAVE to be in the next movie more than that.
  • You dream of Harry Potter, but remember next to nothing except that you woke up stiff, so it must have been during CoS.
  • You and your friend have heated debates whether some rumors about future books are true or not.
  • You catch yourself seeing if there's some similarities between Harry, his friends, Draco, etc, and James Potter, his friends, Snape, etc. while doing something completely off topic.

    Submitted by Danielle B.

  • You change your lucky number from [place lucky number here] to 9 3/4.
  • You're sweeping off your front porch, you try to get the broom to get into your hand, then when it doesn't, you tell your parents that you need a new broom, because that one is obviously an old Comet or a Silver Arrow.

    Submitted by Melusine

  • Your friends avoid mentioning anything related to Harry Potter in front of you; they are afraid you might start boring them with your latest rumor and theories about who's going to die or Snape's life.
  • You dream you’re Snape's child. I’d like to be his wife. ::grins widely::
  • You actually thought you might die if Book 5 was delayed anymore.

    Submitted by Rachel

  • You beg your parents to take you to King's Cross Station to check out platform 9 3/4!
  • You watch the Harry Potter video you drive whoever your watching it with mad by saying everything with the characters all the way through!

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

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    You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When . . .

    Submitted by WorstWitch

  • You go to England and search for a place called 4 Privet Drive
  • You go through a pub and out into the back to tap the wall with an umbrella, you are very disappointed when the wall does not move and you start wondering if you tapped the wrong bricks
  • You swear you've talked to a snake at the zoo before.
  • The book is out in paper back a week before your birthday and your mum tells you to wait till your birthday to get it. Your friends have got it in paper back so one day you sneak out and buy it in hard back. Come your birthday you get it in paperback!
  • You memorize every line of the book and then start saying the lines that suit the occasion. (E.g. when you get a letter about a school report, if it is addressed to you but your parents should read it you say "I WANT MY LETTER!")
  • You are going on a train but you don't want to go on a Muggle train you want to go to Hogwarts and your caught running into the wall between platforms 9 & 10 and you are thrown out because you damaged the wall with your trolley!
  • You pester your mum to buy you an owl and when she does your disappointed that it doesn't deliver letters.
  • You feel jealous of any British kid who has been in the Harry Potter movies.
  • You challenge anyone to a wizarding duel if they hate Harry Potter - even if it's your best friend. Hate is a strong word.
  • You speak in a British accent all the time.
  • Despite the fact that the English version of the books has the English spelling law, you still got the Philosopher’s Stone and the other English versions!

    Submitted by Bridget

  • You devote several hours of your time to think of Harry Potter
  • If you let your mind wander while taking a test, you answer a question with "Hermione is definitely going to dump Krum for Ron".
  • You get send to ER with a massive wound on your forehead and are disappointed when the resulting scar is shaped like a lightning bolt.
  • You used a Time-Turner to travel into the future so you could buy the rest of the series.
  • You've gone to a pub, only to go to the alley behind it and tap bricks with a twig.
  • You've been severely burned from stepping into the fireplace.
  • You're cat is part Kneazle.
  • You never go near hats because you're afraid they'll "start singing."
  • You constantly bug J. K. Rowling for a list of all students who have attended Hogwarts, for each grade, and are disappointed when she doesn't reply with a letter containing 200 names.
  • You're not legally allowed to be within 3 miles of J. K. Rowling.
  • You disappeared for seven years, and were found later in Scotland, wearing a black dress with a handmade diploma claiming you graduated from Hogwarts.
  • When a person says they haven't read the series, you avoid them, and give them a look like they smell funny.
  • You're in a cushioned room and you refuse to take the "potion" that the "Death Eaters" disguised as nurses tell you to take.
  • You buy a ferret and name it Jarvey, and attempt to make it talk.
  • You're attracted to that shrimp in your homeroom who wears thin, black rimmed glasses.
  • You can match the illustration to each chapter and draw them from memory flawlessly.
  • You have a collection of hourglasses that still don't seem to travel through time, and you don't know why.
  • You can name several people who are name Harry Potter, where they live, their social security number (or any other form of identification), and how much the lawsuit for invasion of privacy cost you.
  • Whenever you meet a tall person, you rudely ask if they are a giant.
  • You have a pink umbrella that, for some reason, still won't work as a wand.
  • You've been arrested for "threatening someone with a stick."
  • You insist that your dog used to have a forked tail.
  • You have nodded your head while reading this because all these things above mentioned apply to you.

    Submitted by Amy Riddle

  • You dress exactly like Hermione Granger on the last day of school- piles of heavy books and all.
  • You accidentally dropped the broom when you were sweeping and try to pick it up by putting your hand out and saying "up" (yeah... I did that one too)
  • You go outside with a broomstick and attempt to fly to your friend's house.
  • You got a big orange cat and named it Crookshanks (*raises her hand slowly*)
  • You insist that people call you Hermione, and when the teacher calls roll on the first day of school, you tell them to change your name to Hermione on their list. (uh... *looks around and raises her hand again*)
  • You bug the people at the pet shop more than once a week to see if they have any owls for sale, and they repeatedly have to tell you that you can't have an owl for a pet. (*smiles* yeah... that's me too)
  • You found a rat in the basement and named him Scabbers and keep him in a cage in your room. (*grins nervously*)
  • You have tried to walk between the walls of platforms 9 and 10 at the train station, and when people ask you what you are doing, you reply "I'm trying to get to the train to Hogwarts!"
  • You accidentally called one of your really mean teachers Professor Snape one day.
  • You have a wand and you sit in your room practicing spells.
  • You know for a fact that you are a witch/wizard, but Professor Dumbledore forgot to send you your started a Harry Potter club in your school in which you and all your friends play the parts of the characters and write in a notebook pretending you are at Hogwarts. (yes, we actually did that)
  • Your friends and family that don't like Harry Potter (what a horrible sin!!) have told you numerous times that they will hate you/disown you if they hear one more word about Harry Potter
  • You see a kid with messy black hair and glasses walking down the street and you rush over, yelling "Harry! Hey Harry! Will you show me some of your magic? Can I see your scar? Can I have a ride on your broomstick?" and everyone around stops and looks at you strangely, then they all laugh at you, and you just wonder what’s so funny.
  • You were watching the movie, you were yelling at the top of your lungs to the screen, and people look at you and question your sanity. Of course, at this point your friends have all moved to sit somewhere else, claiming they don't know you.
  • You know for a fact that there is a giant squid and a colony of merpeople living in the lake by your house.
  • You don't get grounded. your parents just take all your Harry Potter stuff for a week.
  • You will be sending about 20 more emails to Gypsy with more YKYRTMHPW's very soon.

    Submitted by Holly Clairsworth

  • You are introduced to new people as "the Harry Potter nut." ::grins sheepishly:: Instead of calling me Gypsy, one guy simply calls me "Mrs. Potter."

    Submitted by Kim Juanc

  • You begin to talk to the one boy in your class you dislike just because his mom and dad MIGHT go to a HP premiere.
  • You know the whole HP movie by heart, but get upset when your friends/family want to watch something else.
  • Every time you try talking to your mom she says, " Please not Harry...or what ever his name is again!"
  • You just happen to have to boys (they don't look anything like Dan or Rupert) in
  • Your neighborhood that you hang out with (they act like Harry and Ron) and they just seem to get you into to many problems, but they KNOW it's in your head cause there is never anything to do.

    Submitted by PotterPrincess

  • A family friend’s name is Vladamir (Tom, Thomas, or anything close to one of the Dark Lord’s names) and whenever he speaks to you, you cower and grasp your wand, ready to perform the expelliarmus spell.
  • Your friends speak to the school counselor about your Harry Potter abuse. ::cough::
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend asks if there is any point whatsoever trying to compete with Harry.
  • Your friends wonder where the insane laughter and screams of “Malfoy, you silly ferret!” are coming from.

    Submitted by Sadira

  • Your paperback books are held together with "Spellotape".
  • If you looked into the Mirror of Erised, Harry, Ron, and Hermione would be your best friends.
  • You search countless stores for the neat red sealing wax, like those on official Hogwarts letters.
  • You got a crowbar, making your own loose floorboard to hide your "Hogwarts" things.
  • You attempt to steal (borrow, really) a small child because he's wearing a Harry Potter hat.
  • You take the Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts out of your Diagon Ally board game, and ask every checkout person in every store why Muggles have to be so difficult.
  • You received your bottle of Blue Raspberry Harry Potter shampoo, you laughed in delight that it was 9 3/4 ounces.
  • You've got two tubes of Harry Potter toothpaste, one to use, one to save.
  • You get grounded for stealing your mom's new broomstick, while trying to explain it could very well be hexed.
  • You whine because the Harry Potter Halloween outfit wouldn't even be long enough to make a cute t-shirt.
  • You keep harassing the Santa Claus-like gnomes with your wand.
  • The new cell phone you got for Christmas sits unopened because your mom made you a wand.

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