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Sorcerer's Stone Quiz
Test your knowledge of Harry Potter!

1. What is the name of Harry's pet?
a) Luke
b) Hedwig
c) Ariadne
d) Snuffles

2. Where do students have to go to get on the train for Hogwarts?
a) Platform 13
b) Platform 9 3/4
c) Platform 2
d) New York subway

3. Draco Malfoy is in what Hogwarts house?
a) Slytherin
b) Ravenclaw
c) Hufflepuff
d) Gryffindor

4. What is not true about Hermione in the first book?
a) Smartest student
b) Has bushy brown hair
c) Has straight teeth
d) Hides in the bathroom

5. What is the Dursleys' favorite thing to do?
a) Cook bacon
b) Ignore/beat up Harry
c) Sleep in shacks
d) Read letters

6. Why does Goyle get hurt on the train?
a) Draco punched him
b) He was pushed into Harry
c) He tripped over his shoelace
d) Scabbers bit him


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