Definite interaction, no?

< >This interactive section holds various games, lists of random subjects, and things you can do while just driving around town or simply watching television! Specialness, no?

< >Printable versions are available on most of the pages so you can have fun with them wherever you are. I've even seen people reading them on airplanes! :-) Submissions to fan interactive sections should always be sent to me under the right name and I will try to post them ASAP.


The Original YKYRTMHPW . . .
< >Is it possible to read too much Harry Potter? I'm not sure - ::looks indignant:: I am merely obsessed! - but check yourself here. You may actually find you need to pick up a different book for once. ;-)

Where in the World is Harry James Potter?
< >Fellow fans have seen Harry Potter stuff around, and many things pertaining (seemingly) to the other characters! Have you seen this stuff? If not, take a gander!

Harry Potter Street Names
< >I was riding in the family minivan one day and realized that a lot of streets had the same names as the Harry Potter characters! 'Twas very strange. Did you know there is actually a Hedwig Avenue in Southern California and a Boggart Road in Canada? ::rubs chin thoughtfully:: How suspicious.

Ship List
< >WARNING! Not for the eyes of kids or those abhorring homosexuality. While I do not go into or promote a relationships of any sort, this is a list of the possible couplings between all of the Harry Potter characters that have shown up in fandom. It's a list, a few comments, and that's mainly it.

The Harry Potter Obsession Quiz
< >A modified version of the original, come test your obsession! I fear you if you go over 100% and you must E-mail me if you do. ::grins evilly::

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quiz
< >I'm still building this quiz - send in some questions and answers! - but it is working. Much specialness.



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