Sing a song of six pence
A pocket full of ryeFour and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie!Yum!

< >Welcome to the Fan Song section of the website! Are you ready to sing along to your favorite songs, Harry Potter style? I'm sure you are!

< >If you would like to submit a fan song yourself and contribute to this section, please send your songs in E-mail attachments to FanWorks@HarryPotterRealm.com. If you want to be especially kind to me, check out the Rules of Submission. If you are able to follow these instructions, it ensures that your song(s) will get up because it's much easier for me to post them! :-)


Twelve Magical Days of Christmas by Kate Dixon

The Ballad of the Boy Who Lived by Jessica

Son of a Wizard Man by Jessica

(Going to) Hogwarts for School by Sonja

Percy's Got a Girlfriend by Nicole Nelson

Harry Got Run Over by Lord Voldemort by Heather, Jordan, and Zach

Potter, You Rotter by Amanda

Malfoy's Diary by Jennifer

Fan Works

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