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< >Welcome to the Fan Review section of the website! All fans (like you) who have an opinion about the books (1-4, Quidditch Through the Ages, etc.), unofficial books, the biographies, the movie, merchandise, or anything like that can post their stuff here! And that's also what you get to read! Yay for you, huh? ::hands her new friends a cookie and a piece of cheese:: You can eat what you want then throw the other into the air and see if it lands on your head. ::nods seriously:: I've done it.

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Philosopher's Stone Review by Jonathan Dupont
< >From early 2000, our first fan review on the first book of the series! Brit John Dupont dicusses why adults and kids love the books so much and talks about his love, too.

Chamber of Secrets Review by Jonathan Dupont
< >John's second review from 2000, describing why he didn't like Book 2 and the reasons why (you can really tell he likes Book 3, hehe).

Prisoner of Azkaban Review by Jonathan Dupont
< >This is actually the first review - John wrote it for us in late 1999 based on his review of Book 3 that he posted on Amazon.com. ::coughs:: One of the first ones for Book 3 on Amazon. ;-)

Fan Works

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