An anonymous poet is often the best composer.

< >Hello, welcome to the area strictly for fan poems! I hope you enjoy this area - I know I surely do, since It's easier to deal with! Thank you to everything possible in this world for the power of creating new web pages!!! Ahem. Excuse me. ::cough::

< >Well, hope you enjoy the fan poems! They are all wonderful - except for mine, of course. ::prints it out and stamps on it repeatedly, then burns it:: Um, er, I know I've told people never to burn their work, but this was an exception . . . :-)

< >If you would like to submit any work, please send it to FanWorks@HarryPotterRealm.com!


'The Essence of Love' by Anigirl

'Summary' by Bekah

'Cry' by Cinnamon

'Lily, Fly Away' by Cinnamon

'Stupid Poem' by Gry

'Lament for the Noble Basilisk' by Hannah Galadriel Potter

'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by H"G"P

'My Harry Potter Mad Inspired Vision' by Helen Kiely

'A Secret Meeting and Discussion' by Helen Kiely

'Fred & George Weasley' by Katie

'Drowning in Music' by Lindsay the Ethreal

'Harry Potter Was New' by Marek

'Lily & James Potter - The Meeting' by Misty

'Whispers in the Halls' by Misty

'Harry's Owl' by Pat McManus

'Moony's Poem' by StarEye

'Padfoot's Poem' by StarEye

'A Dream So Soon Real' by Stephanie Sladek

'Sirius Black' Valerie

'Lament of the Accused' by Rebecca Noelle

'Malfoy: The Chicken' by Ian Tewid

'Summary' by Bekah

'J. K. Rowling's Dream' by Moonlit

'Ode to the Hogwarts Motto' by Elwen

'Draco Malfoy' by Smart

Fan Works

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