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< >You are very welcome to submit your own Harry Potter fanfiction (or any sort of Fan Work, in fact!)! Just please go to Rules of Submission page and follow the instructions. Doing so makes it much easier for me to post work. :-) However, please be aware that I read each story I receive and determine whether or not it will be posted.

< >Each fanfic archived here varies from the one before and the one after it. There are pairings of Draco/Ginny, to Harry/Hermione, to Draco/Harry, to Severus/Lily, to James/Lily. Many don't have pairings! But all encircle different topics and ideas, and that's what makes them unique and special. There are a few R-rated stories, so please check the ratings conveniently placed with the summaries. I personally find all the archived stories to be wonderful, so please, if you have a chance, read all of them.


Featured Authors / Editor's Choice

'Angels in Waiting' by Beanie
< >Songfic inspired by the search by HPRealm for songs epitomizing the Harry Potter characters. Switches from Sirius' POV to Harry's. Rated G

'One Known Enemy' by Beanie
< >A new girl at Hogwarts tries desperately to fit in, only to be shunned by all around her. She begins having prophetic dreams that fill her with dread. Can she find a way to save the day (::dramatic music::)? Includes a character in leather! Rated PG

'Iscariot' by Cedar
< >A dream. A question. A betrayal. The cost. Peter Pettigrew POV, set just before the events of that fateful Halloween night, oh so long ago. Rated PG

'The Exchange Student' by Gina
< >I first posted this story in late 1999. It had our two exchange students flying to Hogwarts in a carriage drawn by horses - and strangely, almost the exact scene happened in Goblet of Fire! Coincidence? I think not . . . Rated PG
Part 2____Part 4____Part 6
Part 3____Part 5____Part 7

'My Little Bird' by Hannah Davenport
< >This is a short ficlet that switches between Severus Snape POV, and sort of narrative, like a children's book (it reminds the editor of Shel Silverstein). It is, in essence, the nature of Severus' relationship with Lily Evans Potter. Rated PG

'Bent' by Hannah Davenport
< >Abused by his father, his mother unable to protect him, Draco Malfoy is a lonely young man. He is lost in a twisted world of his own fears and desires, his only solace - perhaps - lies in his cousin, who takes over the DADA position - yet that doesn't even work. It is another story, though, when Ginny Weasley tries to befriend a troubled Draco and tries bringing him into a better world. Rated PG

'Twisted' by Hannah Davenport
< >Sequel to "Bent". When Harry, Hermione, and Ron find out about the friendship between Draco and Ginny, things don't go very well. Although she tries to put up a front of anger, Ginny can't help but wonder why Draco wants to be her friend. He is the gorgeous, lovely young man at the top of his class, hanging out with the lowest specimen of the Weasley family, people he has hated for years. What does he want from her? Rated PG
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Two (Alternative chapter; not the real one)

'When the Night Broke' by Hannah Davenport
< >Sequel to "Twisted." Five years later, Ginny is a bored and very depressed employee at Flourish and Blotts. Outside her drawn-in, little world lies an evil overlord of doom by the name of Radoc Lafoym, who is threatening society. How do they relate? Rated PG
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten

'The Sweetest Punch' by Hannah Davenport
< >Ficlet. What was said before Harry walks in on Hermione and Ron's argument after the Yule Ball, and what that arguement leads eventually to later on in their lives. Ron's POV. Rated G

'Erised Again' by Kate Dixon
< >This is a short and sweet, yet both sad and beautiful story by the infamous Kate Dixon! It starts with Harry, feeling as if something is going to happen to him and he's right . . . and we'll leave it at that. You have to read the story to see what happens! Rated G

'From the Office of the Minister of Magic' by Kate Dixon
< >Yet another from Ms. Dixon! It's in a letter format - meaning that on this page there are letters from many people like Bill Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, and many others, their letters all entertwing beautifully to make a behind-the-scenes story. Rated G

'Jenny and the Prisoner of Azkaban' by Kate Dixon
< >Jennifer Anderson was an old friend of the late Lily and James Potter and the rest of the Marauders, especially Sirius. But fourteen years before now, Sirius was put into Azkaban, and now he need's his old flame's help - and so does Harry. Rated PG

'Lily' by Kate Dixon aka Katie Bell
< >This is a great story. It mostly follows Lily through Hogwarts, meeting James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Severus, and more, going through their adventures, and more. It's very creative; if you didn't know this person, you would have probably thought it was Ms. Rowling herself, I swear on everything possible. This is a MUST read. Rated G
Part Two
Lily & James by an inspired artist, Nicole Cure

'The Weird Letters That I Found' by Kate Dixon
< >This is an odd fan fiction - the first ever like it when HPRealm published it in late 1999. It is a series of letters written to HP characters from HP characters, and it's very fun! Rated G

'Without You by Kate Dixon
< >A different twist on that fateful Halloween night which started all the madness in Harry Potter's night. In this odd but intruging tale, Lily Potter survives and everyone else does not, and Voldemort is still around. It is now up to Lily to change the future and Dumbledore cannot help her. Rated G

'Maple Tree' by Little Alex
< >Biography of a tree, from Draco Malfoy's point of view. The young Malfoy voices his loneliness and his love for a maple tree, the only constant in his life, and discusses his life. Draco/Harry slash. Rated PG

'Book Four and Three Quarters' by Maeve "Mab" Roberts
< >A brilliant fan fiction! One of the best ever to show its face on the Internet. At over 100 glorious pages long, Mab's story of the summer between the gang's fourth and fifth year is a memorable one. After a month of continual abuse from the Dursleys, Harry is rescued by the Weasleys and taken with his two best friends to stay with Sirius for the rest of the vacation. All is well and good for about a week, but strange things and people begin appearing, and it may be all down hill for our lighning-bolted friend . . . Rated PG
Part 2____Part 6
Part 3____Part 7
Part 4____Part 8
Part 5____Part 9

'Please Remember' by MagicGerbil
< >A truly wonderful story! The war is over . . . Voldemort is dead. But at what cost? A dark little piece dealing with death and someone left behind. Bring the tissues! Harry/Draco. Rated PG-13

Other and Very Cool Authors

'The Final Years' by Alice Phoenix
< >Harry Potter is having some trouble getting a girl of his mind. Her name is Samantha Avery and Harry likes her a lot! Things seem to be going well until disaster strikes while Harry and Samantha are serving detention in the trophy room. Saving Samantha's life brings them closer than ever. Rated G

'Shared Pain' by Allocin
< >Voldemort's wrath lingers on Snape's skin, and Harry feels it in an accidental close encounter with the loathsome Professor. Rated PG

'Tom Riddle is Back' by AmBam
< >Only one person in Ginny's year believes what happened to her in the Chamber of Secrets. Now that girl, her best friend, may be in trouble. Rated G

'Harry Potter and the Adventure in America' by Andre
< >In this first chapter, Harry is going to America and marrying the love of his life, Cho Chang. And Cho has a nice surprise for him. Rated G

'Perfect Hell' by Ariesfire
< >What is Professor McGonagall's secret? What does it have to do with Tom Riddle? Why are Harry and Draco drawn to each other? What is Dumbledore scared to reveal and why will the two boys die? A little fic about potions, ancient magic, betrayal and, of course Harry/Draco! Rated R
< >The first Harry/Draco fanfiction placed on this site. I've officially warned you. There's harsh language, attempted suicide, and violence in this fic, and I will not tolerate being yelled at if you're offended by this story. Don't read it if you have problems with homosexuality.
Chapter Two: No Rest for the Weary

'The Mermish Quests' by Ariesfire
< >Voldemort is planning a full attack on the merpeople of the world and Harry is the only one who can fight him. And Draco Malfoy is the only one who can protect Harry - how could this all play out? Rated PG-13

'A Time of Wonder' by Armaga
< >Long after his graduation of Hogwarts and the death of Hermione in sixth year and the disappearance of Harry six years ago, Ron Weasley is finally getting his life in order. He's working for the Ministry, has roommates, and he's about to propose to ChoChang - but an old friend is back . . . Rated G

'A Bad Joke' by Ashley Weckbacher
< >Sirius Black is witnessing firsthand what love and lust really mean. When James Potter leaves Lily for Arabella Figg, things go awry. Lily turns to Sirius for support (and maybe love) and all he can do is follow his heart. Rated PG

'The Last Battle' by Autumn
< >Mostly about Harry, Ron, and Hermione's last year at Hogwarts, when the dreaded Voldemort shows up again, about to kill Harry off for good. And he may actually do it this time . . . Rated PG

'The Muggle With the Sword' by Black Ninja
< >Draco and Harry have both received detention for an entire month. While performing tasks for Hagrid, Draco discovered a strange Muggle who saves his life. What is this Muggle doing here? And how did he find out about Hogwarts . . .? Rated PG-13

'Unwelcome Guest' by Black Ninja
< >Snape is angered that Hagrid has brought in a Muggle. However, while Snape yells at Hagrid, Dumbledore comes in just in time to defend Hagrid's actions of bringing a Muggle into Hogwarts. Snape's just really angry. Rated PG

'Gone Forever?' by Caitlin Kim
< >Harry's back at Hogwarts for his 6th year. Everything seems as normal as normal gets in the wizarding world. However, Voldemort is still up and running, but so is Dumbledore and the Order of the Pheonix. There are quite a few surprises in this story and Voldemort finally gets his ultimate chance to kill Harry. Will the beloved "Boy Who Lived" be gone forever? Rated PG

'French Enchantments' by Claire aka Lighting Bug
< >This story is about a French girl (not Fleur Delacour) who comes to visit and study at Hogwarts for a year. While she's there, a lot of strange things occur and she's in the middle of it. Rated G

'A Guy's Night In' by Cori Thomas
< >The Gryffindor men (boys, ahem) have a bit of a party one night. They play cards, eat, and talk - and fortunately for the girls of Gryffindor, they fall asleep in their chairs and Ginny has Colin's camera! Rated G

'James Potter' by Courtney
< >A good story about James Potter and it's a good read! And, btw (by the way), Dippet is the Headmaster this time 'round. ::grins:: Dumbledore's been it in a number of different stories, but this is a new twist, eh? Rated PG

'Hogwarts Past' by Della Webber
< >Reverie was a friend of the Marauders and liked one of the four. Now, at Christmas, all she needs to do is tell him. Rated G

'A Hug From His Father' by Diana Caporaso
< >When Harry's invisibility cloak is stolen, he and his friends try to figure out who the thief is and Harry realizes what the cloak really means to him. Rated G

'Childhood's End' by Eggplant
< >During the summer between his fourth and fifth year, Harry is living on the edge. He's become an insomniac and study-crazy, and Arabella Figg comes to rescue him from himself. Rated PG

'Epilogue' by Eggplant
< >Journalist Samuel Laflamme can't believe his luck - or the reality. The famous Harry Potter has chosen Samuel to interview him (his first in far over a century). At first he is reluctant, unbelieve, but he finally goes to meet with Harry, and what he finds is much different than he ever expected. Rated PG

'Hermione's Magical Year' by Elanora
< >Hermione needs something that she can't figure out. But when she hears of the new girl at Hogwarts, she realizes what she needs is a friend. Rated G

'Broken Mirror' by Gaia Myles
< >Laurel Raegen is an old friend of the Mauraders, presumed dead for over ten years. But when it is discovered that she is still alive, what does this mean to those who mean the most to her? The ones who loved her always? Rated PG-13

'A Troubled Soul' by Jen Schulz
< >Draco has seconds thoughts after his father takes him to become a servant, a Death Eater, of Voldemort. His loyalty especially falters when the Dark Lord kills his father, and he can only turn to the man who Voldemort wants Draco to murder in cold blood. Rated PG

'I Don't Know You Anymore' by Kara McKitty
< >Harry is angered over - but begrudgingly accepts - the fact that Hermione is marrying Draco Malfoy. Harry goes off on his own to become famous, still deeply in love with Hermione. When Draco dies, Harry feels he must comfort her. This is sort of a song fic. Rated PG

'The Curse' by Katy
< >our favorite three characters sneak into the restricted section and steal a book - why? Read and find out! - that has a curse on it, hence the name. :-) Take a peak! Rated PG

'Faded Stitches' by Kneaha Minerva
< >Neville goes to visit his parents without the aid of his grandmother. He believes that his parents don't love him, but as he leaves a little teddy bear tells him that his mother really does. Rated G

'A Story From Hogwarts' by Lokin Nabsirinia
< >Three different characters are introduced in this amusing and somewhat sad tale. They also came to Hogwarts the year Harry Potter did and this heart-warming story details the adventures of their ever-so interesting lives. Rated PG
Part 2____Part 4____Part 6
Part 3____Part 5

The Story of an Ancestor' by Logan Sapiens
< >Once a mystery, Harry Potter's ancestral heritage may now be cleared up by a man named Thomas Potter. Rated G

'When James Potter Began' by Marie
< >Before Harry, Hermione, and Ron were born, there was a group a friends called the Marauders, led by James Potter. Who was James Potter and what is he about? Find out in Marie's story. Rated G
Part 2

'Faust' by Mystery
< >Severus Snape recalls a love, a bad decision, and compares himself to a literary figure. Switches between point-of-view (POV, first person) and narration. Rated PG

'The Fatal Encounter' by Nick Rossi
< >This story tells about the day Dumbledore went mad. He is terrorizing the Hogwarts students in the Great Hall. Harry feels he can stop this, or at least get help. He knows something is wrong with his school's headmaster Christmas morning. As he is coming back from his dormitory, Harry is faced with the evil Dumbledore in the Great Hall . . . Rated PG-13

'What Really Happened in the Chamber of Secrets' by Oliver's Girl
< >Ginny Weasley tells about what happened in the Chamber of Secrets before Harry got there. She also tells about what happened after Harry arrived and after Hogwarts. Rated PG

'The Girl Who Lived' by Pixy
< >Heather Potter thought she was just an orphan, living her life in a rather bad orphanage, and nothing else. How wrong she was, especially when she found out she was a wizard and had a brother named Harry. Rated G

'Searching for the Truth by Potter Guru
< >It follows the trials and tribulations of a young witch named Connie Longsworth. She comes to Hogwarts as an exchange student, and becomes friends with James, Remus, and everyone else. She'd a very extraordinary witch, and Harry eventually finds his way into the story, but really has his own story line going for a while. It's a good, LONG read! Rated PG
Part 2__Part 6
Part 3__Part 7
Part 4__Part 8
Part 5__Part 9

'Dancing With the Wolves' by Rachel of Ravenclaw
< >A cute yet sad story about Harry falling in love with a new character named Lauren. Their love is true but Voldemort's return will test that love to the breaking point. Rated G

'Dumbledore Dies' by Rachel of Ravenclaw
< >So the time has come for one good man to set down his wand and rest in peace. But Harry and the others cannot bear it. What can they do? What will they do to help their old friend? Rated G

'A Little Truth Can't Hurt' by Rosemary W.
< >Rosemary Black, Sirius' daughter, has found herself in somewhat of a predicament. Voldemort has Rosemary and her friend trapped, and is ready to torture either of them, especially Rose. She is the key to her father's secrets and truth potion never lies. Rated PG

'Twilight Time' by R-Siriah
< >Harry's life with his new wife Rowena is a wonderful one; that is until their house is blown up. His wife and their unborn child are dead, and soon Ron & Hermione Weasley are attacked, too. Voldemort is after Harry and nothing can stop him this time. Rated PG

'Harry Potter and the Silver Cobra' by Sweet Annu
< >A new girl arrives at Hogwarts as an exchange student. She seems perfect, but deep inside she holds a big and dark secret . . . Rated G

'The Nobody' by Tracy Zellman
< >Tom Marvolo Riddle's granddaughter has always wondered about her heritage. Who was her father, her mother? What about her grandfather? Her grandmother won't say, so when Elizabeth Riddle is given the option to find out everything she wants to know, she jumps at the chance, but she could pay dearly for it. Rated PG

'The Dream' by Tracy Zellman
< >Harry's dreams are beginning to haunt him again. Why is he dreaming and what can he possibly do to stop the torment his dreams bring to him? Rated G

'Dark Silence' by Unnamed Person #1
< >This story is about how Professor Snape found out about Professor Quirrel's betrayal and how Snape wasn't the only one to know. Because it is a little strange that no one else found out Quirrel was evil, here someone does. Rated G

Fan Fiction

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