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< >These are the rules I'd like everyone to follow. If you do follow the instructions, your fan work will be top priority, as it's much easier to deal with, and will be posted faster! Please, also, if you want, specify any music you'd like playing on your page. Pick the link below that applies to your fan work(s).

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When Submitting Fiction, Reviews, Editorials, & Rants,
Please Have/Fill out the Following:

Screenname: Gypsy Silverleaf
Age: 16
Title of Work: Across Enemy Lines
Type of Work: Fiction
Rate of Work: PG (for kids 8 and above)
Summary of Work: Draco finds himself feeling more and more alone in the Slytherin house and in the whole world. He feels defensive, scared, and passive. He even refuses to Ronald Weasley, who ends up fighting him anyway and putting Draco in the hospital wing. Things can't get much worse. But when Draco meets Hermione Granger, truly for the first time, his world is turned upsidedown.
< >Please then either attach to or copy your work into your E-mail to If you want to make my life easier, please indent paragraphs with tabs and run a spell check on all documents!
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When Submitting Art, Poems, Songs, & Comedy & Clichés,
Please Have/Fill out the Following:

Screenname: Hannah Galadriel Potter
Age: 17
Title of Work: Lament for the Noble Basilisk
Type of Work: Poem
Rate of Work: G (for all audiences)
< >If you are sending art, please make sure it is either a bitmap (.bmp), a GIF (.gif) or a JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg). For songs, please specify the song you are spoofing (if there is one). Please then copy your work into your E-mail to
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