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< >I write Harry Potter fan fiction. I'm actually one of the first writers ever, I got the administration over at FanFiction.net to start the Harry Potter fan fiction section, I wrote the first Severus Snape-oriented fic, and I started the Draco/Hermione ship. Scary, no?

< >But really, I'm not here to boast. This section is here because I love to write. I pen or type whenever inspiration hits, and because of that, I churn out strange things. The fics here range from a rating of kid-friendly (G) to one of adult-oriented only (meaning R). I deal with a variety of subjects, including love (lost and found), angst, horror, amusement, satire, abuse, sex, rape, incest, life, suicide, happiness, depression, and other such pleasantries. That said, the stories are obviously of controversial subjects and have been known to cause some disquiet. You are officially warned.

< >Reviews are very much welcomed and encouraged. I prefer to have reviews posted at either Schnoogle or FanFiction.net, but if you have any questions, comments or rants to which you would like me to respond, feel free to send me an E-mail.

< >Enjoy my realm of morbidity . . .


'The Spirit Room' Rated R UPDATED
< >August-November 2002. My first attempt at a dark Harry Potter fan fiction and I believed it has worked. I've scared or pissed the living daylights out of people. If you expect it to make sense, it won't; read it like one would read A Clockwork Orange or The Catcher in the Rye. Rape, incest, and harsh physical abuse run rampant through the story as it moves along. Thoughts and comments are deeply appreciated.
< >Summary: After going back to the Dursleys at the end of his fourth year and the Triwizard Tournament, Harry is abused by his uncle. He quickly falls into despondancy and despair. When he believes nothing can possibly get worse, three dark figures appear on the doorstep of 4 Privet Drive. Work in progess.

'The Love That Shattered a Man' Rated PG
< >My second fanfic, here, anyway, all about Snape. I asked myself the question: Why is Snape so mean? And I answer it in my own way! Love, hatred, and death all spin a web of pain into Severus Snape's life and only one person can save him. Complete.
< >December 1999, second fanfic I wrote. Damn, I am so old it's not even funny. (Stress that this was written before Goblet of Fire was published.)
< Part Two
< Author's Note
Read the Portuguese translation, O Amor que destruiu um homem!

'Quiet Eyes' Rated G
< >August-October 2002. Harry Potter comes to a gathering of battle-worn friends for what turns out to be a bittersweet reunion. Thanks to Tracy for beta-reading this story and Beanie for complimenting it so much; you're both wonderful. Complete.

'Comets, Beards, and Men' Rated G
< >October 2002. Whilst reading a list of Jonathan Swift quotes, my honours English teacher told us to write anything - a story, a poem, a critical essay - pertaining to one of the quotes. I used about three, and this is what resulted. A reflection on Albus Dumbledore, and the world, shortly after Goblet of Fire. Severus Snape's POV. Complete.

'Glass' Rated PG
< >October-November 2002. The psychology of one Harry Potter - and the man who loves him. Male/male slash. Very short. Complete.

'Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown' Rated G
< >One of the first Harry Potter fanfics ever, I'm proud to say. August/September 1999. Harry has a relative - whom he knows nothing about, nor does anyone else - named Thomas Erwin. The professor is said to be completely insane, as his colleagues and students believe, and hates Harry Potter to the point he won't even say his name. But is this the truth? What is the truth? Complete.
< Part Two< >Part Three
< Part Four & Author's Note

A Five Story Series

'Across Enemy Lines' (Story One/Five) Rated PG
< >The first Draco and Hermione fanfiction to ever hit the fandom; March and April 2000. Kind of scary, really, that I started so much, including this ship. I'm sort of happy about it, in fact. The following summary is what I put up in 2000 and I apologize for the idiocy. It's actually an okay story, despite my words. Complete.
< >A story about Hermione and Draco. I TOLD YOU ALL I WOULD DO THIS - and I did. Hehe. Anyway, it's finally up and ninety pages long! ::cough:: It's about what if Hermione and Draco ever fell for each other . . . I personally think it sucks, but I guess that's my opinion . . .
< Part Two< >Part Three
< Part Four< >Part Five
< Part Six< >LiPart Seven
< Part Eight< AAuthor's Note

'Amid the Encircling Gloom' (Story Two/Five) Rated PG
< >The sequel to "Across Enemy Lines" has arrived! In this 78 page (about) story, it is a few years after the last scene in AEL, where Draco is now a convicted felon and possible murder, running for his life. This story is really hard to summarize but I've been told the first section is particularly good and I'm pretty proud of it. :-) Complete.
< Part Two< >Part Three
< Part Four< >Part Five
< Part Six< >LiPart Seven
< Part Eight< APart Nine & Author's Note

'Advancing the Enemy' (Store Three/Five) Rated PG
< >This is the first chapter of the story; not the whole story!! It's about the time between the first two stories, where Draco breaks up with Hermione and becomes a thief. Hermione first works as a Ministry official, but soon tires when Arthur and Percy Weasley become problematic and emotionally abusive. Work in Progress.

Unrelated to Harry Potter

'Death By Water' Rated PG-13
< >October 2002. Suicidal [very] short-story I wrote for my Honours English III class, late October 2002. 'Twas an assignment and is not Harry Potter related. I don't feel this way, honestly, and I'm not a victim! I'm just a like-to-depress-you writer, that's all. Complete.

'Moonless Night' Rated PG-13
< >January 4, 2003. Short-story I wrote in my uncle's house when I was listening to music and had a rather scary ball python in one hand. Speaks of desperation and hope, blood and lust, hate and love, and has been been known to make at least two people cry. Complete.

Fan Fiction

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