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< >Welcome to the Fan Fiction section of the website! Are you ready for a good time? Well, get your hat! Why? Because I don't serve alcohol here and you're going to have to go across the street for that. Anyway, hi everyone! This is the place where you get to read Harry Potter related stories written by people just like you (fans and myself)! Aren't you excited?! You should be! ::gives everyone a candy bar::

< >If you would like to submit a fan fiction yourself and contribute to this huge section, please send your stories in E-mail attachments to FanWorks@HarryPotterRealm.com. If you want to be especially kind to me, check out the Rules of Submitting Fiction. If you are able to follow these instructions, it ensures that your story will get up faster because it's much easier for me to post them! :-)


Submitted Fiction
< >This is the section where fellow "Potties" (fans) get to showcase their work! It's an enormous section, so brace yourself and enjoy the talents of the authors of whom I have the privilege of displaying. Featured authors are Mab, Hannah Davenport, Kate Dixon, Ariesfire, Allocin, and many more!

Webmistress Fiction
< >My personal fiction place on the website! It contains one of the first ever Harry Potter fanfictions (written in late August 1999) which sparked the HP frenzy at FanFiction.net. It also has the first Severus Snape-sympathetic story written! Furthermore, this section houses "The Enemy Series," which has been slowly coming out since late 1999 into 2002.

Fan Works

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