Writing an opinion is only sometimes an arduous task!

< >Welcome to the Fan Editorial section of the website! Are you ready for a good time? Or a time to get angry? Good! Because this is the place where you get to read other people's - people just like you! - opinions! And it doesn't matter if you don't like their opinion, because it will still be here! Buwahahahahaa!! Hahahahahaha!!! ::coughs loudly:: AHEM. At least this isn't the rant page - that page can get really ugly!

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Who to Die? by Kate Dixon
< >In an editorial written in late 1999, fan fiction author Kate Dixon switches over to editorialist for an insightful opinion on who must die in the upcoming books.

Harry's Dad is Alive by Kathy aka Professor McGonagall
< >Kathy spouts off on why she thinks Harry's father, James Potter, is still alive (and possibly kicking). It's quite insightful.

Fan Works

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