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< >Welcome to the Fan Comedies & Clichés section of the website! This is the funniest page on the block! People like you are putting their humorous minds to work and bringing us works of art (and giggles and sniggers and laughs, oh my!). Enjoy it like you'd enjoy a barrel of monkeys eating bananas on Thursday afternoons!

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Two Wizards, a Witch, and a Pokemaster by Fowler M.
< >Ash from the anime TV show, merchandise, movies, etc., known as Pokémon (::cough:: Pocket monsters ::cough::) comes to Hogwarts in this rather amusing story.

Am I Insane? by Erin the Weird
< >Or have I just been reading? Erin discusses her insanity for the Harry Potter books and like the Read Too Muches (YKYRTMHPW), this may all completely apply to you!

THAT Commercial by Rebecca
< >Giving us all a good laugh, this little ditty pertains to a well-known credit card commercial that has been playing on television for a couple of years.

Fan Works

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