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< >Welcome to the Fan Works main page! This is where you - yes, you! - get to use your excellent creativity and write poems, songs, fanfiction, and more that have to do with the Harry Potter series, or use your wonderful art skills (because I have none) to draw pictures of Harry and the gang! Enjoy!

< >If you would like to submit work, please send it to:! And look at the Rules of Submission first. I will get your work, whatever it might be, posted as fast as humanly (or gypsily) possible.


Fan Art
< >The art section here is wonderful! Hundreds of pieces from artists all over the globe, showing off their wonderful talents. Definitely the place to go! Updated!

Fan Fiction
< >The huge section where fans have written their own stories about Harry Potter, along with his friends and enemies. Webmistress fan fiction is also in here.

Fan Poems
< >Poetic Potter? Yep, strangely enough. Poems - including handy dandy limericks! - written specially for the characters and the books. Even for the basilisk.

Fan Songs
< >Spoofs of contemporary and older songs based on the Harry Potter characters.

Fan Rants
< >Editorial-like ramblings here, but they're angry! This is a place for nitpicks and biting comments people have concerning anything going on in the Harry Potter world! . . . Rants is a funny word. ::smiles happily::

Comedy & Clichés
< >Hilarity ensues. That's all I can say without sniggering.

Fan Reviews
< >Reviews written by fellows fans about the books, the movie, and even the merchandise.

Fan Editorials
< >Opinions and commentaries on things going on in the books or in the Harry Potter fandom. Will Dumbledore die? What's with all these dang super sites? Bloody heck, why do I love Harry Potter so much?!

Rules of Submission
< >If you plan to submit any sort of Fan Work, please check this out before you do! It ensures that your work will be posted quickly and you might want that.


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