Bubble bubble, toil, and don't get yourself in trouble!

< >This is a very stodgy and boring, but still very informative statement that should be read and taken seriously by all. Thank you and please put away the stinky cheese. It smells.


< >HPR.com strives to keep itself kid-friendly and kid-safe, as it has been for well over two years. To ensure this, however, the site needs help from adults, as well as kids.

< >This means that parents [or guardians] of kids under twelve years of age should maintain a strict bargain with their kids. This includes taking the responsibility of being with their kids (no matter how old) and always supervising younger kids ("tweens" and below), in the least, at this site and any others.

< >In doing this, parents/guardians can be assured their kiddies aren't subjected to any materials deemed inappropriate (those on this website that may fall under that category with some in the Fan Fiction and Fan Art sections are clearly warned and labeled). Also, the parents/guardians ensure that their children do not inadvertantly give out private and unsolicited information on the Internet. On this site, it could be in the Slambook!, guestbook, chatroom, an E-mail to myself, or on any of the multiple message boards. (Note: Fellow kids, you should never give out personal information to anyone no matter how much you think you trust them!)

< >Parents and/or guardians should know that in the case of "leaked information" anywhere on this site, it will be deault with and eliminated as soon as possible - though it isn't exactly our responsibility to. Any information given out in the chatrooms, however, cannot be deleted.

< >The webmistress - yes, the strange one named Gypsy writing this in a dentist parking lot - also immediately deletes any E-mail containing phone numbers/addresses from kids. I will only occasionally reply first with messages saying: "Please do not ever again give your [insert the so-called crime here] (numbers, addresses, etc.) out to anyone on-line. There are hidden dangers everywhere, so please ask a trusted, real-life adult about who-what-where-when-why and how you can give this information out safely." Although I will try very hard to protect my younger website viewers, parents and guardians are more in charge than I am of their kids and should be teaching them the rights and wrongs of the Internet. If parents and guardians have questions, I can always give advice.

< >E-mail addresses will not be given out at all, unless a fan work, rumour, information, survey answer, or something of that sort is submitted. For those who submit these things and DO NOT want their E-mails given out, it is required that you state that in your E-mail. Please adhere to this.

< >In conclusion, this has been a very berating and ugly message from myself, but I am serious, and I will stick to it with all the horse glue and Gak (Nickelodeon 1992-2001) I can possibly find. That is, if I have to. I'll hold up my end of the bargain (outlined in this policy to protect kids and anyone else who needs to be protected), so please hold up yours. It is very important that you never give out private information to anyone on the Internet. This privacy policy states why and what it will do to help, but no matter the efforts of your webmistress, it is your responsibility to be intelligent and protect yourselves.



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