Noooo!  Don't lock me up!

< >I know! I know! I stole! I'm sorry! ::sobs as she runs away from people hold handcuffs:: Nooooooo! I don't want to go to jail! Look! ::points below into an abyss:: I credited you!! ::falls off cliff:: Aiyaaaaa!

< >This is a disclaimer. Otherwise known as the page I have to write so I will not be prosecuted in a court of law for stealing other people's work! ::ducks and covers, like every Californian knows how to:: (I'm well-trained; I have about 300 different-coloured pencils that say, "Duck, Cover, and Roll!")

< >Anyway, this page is also for those of you who want to take my work. The rules about that are listed beneath all my legal write-ups (near the bottom of the page). It tells you what stuff you can take, what stuff you can't, blah-blah-blah. Yes, aren't you thrilled you can't steal stuff? Note that you will get a severe e-beating. ;-)


Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry Site Design:

< >Thanks ever so much to Joshua E. Kelley for helping me design the way HPRealm Version 2.0 (not up anymore) and leaving it up to me to figure out what a lot of what was evetually neccessary to do (working with tables, scripts, backgrounds, images, text, etc.). I learned a lot, so thanks very much, Josh, couldn't have done it without you, you extremely skinny and tall dork.

< >With a little tinkering on my part, Morwen of Self Center and Sniffles for Snuffles designed the over-laying image you see at the top of the front page. I reworked it for the current site design. Props to "Morwenna" for that one! :-)

< >The most loving and worshipping of my gratitude must go to Meg, Th' Kiwi of Doom, for all of the drawings she has done for the Characters section in the past year. She has done a fabulous job and I hope she continues to do so! You can see more of her work at Spiced Peaches.

Official Disclaimer of

< >I do not claim to own any of the copyrights, trademarks, or registrars of or having to do with Harry Potter. I pay whole price when I buy my Harry Potter things, just as much as everyone else. I am not in cahoots with anyone at any of the following places, though I have met and talked to some some workers from Scholastic, Random House, Department56, and Warner Brothers. My dad also works for Coca-Cola. If that's working in cahoots with anyone and could potentially get me sued (which I really don't want), please tell me.

< >Also, I cannot fully claim that everything on this site is true. Albeit rumors, 'confirmed info,' movie pictures, cast, videos, sounds, stuff about me, or anything else - because who knows, they could be secretly making an American movie ::cough:: - I cannot actually say that is factual evidence, or I could probably get slaughtered. I don't want to be. :-( So, yeah, keep in mind that information/gossip changes every day. And I could be lying to you. ::rips of latex head:: I'm an alien and I'm here to enthrall you with Harry Potter so you don't know what's really going on! We're taking over! Buwahahaha!! Ahem.

< >The Harry Potter books are by Ms. Joanne Kathleen Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Little Literacy Agency, Arthur A. Levine, Random House, & Warner Brothers. Other copyrights and trademarks of Harry Potter belong to Hallmark, Jim Dale, Nintendo/Gameboy, Department56, Coca-Cola, Inc., and more to come. All rights reserved.

What has Gypsy copyrighted?

< >Everything on this site is copyrighted by me unless otherwise stated, and then you have to deal with those people if you want to take their information/fan works/etc.. If a way to contact said person is not available, come yell at me. It is usually not by laziness that it isn't there, as it might be a coding accident, or I was told not to place an E-mail address up. For my own work, I would appreciate being told/notified if you will be using my things and give me the Internet address (URL) where that information is posted.

< >I also require that a link is posted to my site on your site stating that you used something from my site. That's very much appreciated. :-) If you just want to link to me, go ahead. No need to ask! ::giggles:: You can go to the banner exchange to find our banners and buttons.

Sites Needing Credit

< >Whether I took something out from under a person's nose, used a feature, or actually told them, "Hey person! I'm stealing your stuff! Have a nice day!", they're credited in the following, very long list. If I stole something from you and you're site isn't here, please berate me, tell me what I stole, and give me your site address.

< >Rex Features, Entertainment Weekly magazine, TV Guide, the Leaky Cauldron, and a few others yet to be named.
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