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< >Chako'Lanna, Inc. is a company whose namesake was devised in late 1998 by Gypsy's mother, Melanie. She was helping her daughter on the finishing touches of a seventh grade science "Planet Brochure". Melanie laughed and said, "Gypsy, why don't you put a company name on the bottom of the brochure, to 'copyright' it as yours?"

< >Since Gypsy Silverleaf - the person who is writing this nostalgic little memoir - thought that was a glandanderous idea, they set to work on a name they could use. "Gypsy Raven, Co." didn't seem too creative; neither did fifteen other names. Inspiration, however, came from an unlikely place: Gypsy's two dogs, B'Lanna and Chakotay (named for Star Trek: Voyager characters).

< >"B'Lanna-Chakotay" wasn't exactly catchy, either, Gypsy and her mom quickly realized. What about "Lanna-Kotay?" or "Kotay-Lanna?" they wondered, rubbing their chinny-chin-chins. "No, no, not good enough." Then, suddenly, the light bulb turned on in their heads. "Chako'Lanna, Inc."! The name has stuck since.

< >Chako'Lanna, Inc. has thus been a secret part of HPR.com since it began - more because the webmaster's family has been saying, "Hey, Gypsy, is HPR.com run by your dogs?!" Despite their condescending attitudes and sarcastic remarks (which they are assuredly sorry for now after being thwapped with a frying pan), it was finally decided the name of the company running HPRealm could be released. Excited, aren't you? :-)

Notes on HarryPotterRealm.com

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< >I also use the font Lumos on the site as text. If you do not have Lumos set in your font files, it will not show up. Download Lumos now! It's a very cool font and I love it. ;-)

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