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    Character Biographies

    < >Ah, welcome to the fantasy world of J. K. Rowling's characters, brought up from deep within the realm of Harry Potter. Friendly raveler, although this area is part of the Realm of Wizardry, this section is not for the light of heart. Before you awaits a treasure of intricate and thought-out biographies, ready to be unearthed in order to enrich the mind and tantalize the spirit, but such jewels come at a heavy cost.

    < >Within these walls lies a spider-web of information, ranging from extensive explorations into the psyche and intense scrutiny of contact between characters. These two elements alone can delve into the territory of the darkness of man, as well as the wonders of nature, and are not for the eyes of children. Shorter biographies have been made accessible for those needing to exit this section immediately. Please leave if you are under the age of thirteen; material on this site is not for you.

    < >For those who are able to see, please allow yourself the pleasure of reading Word-isms, for matters spoken about will be made more clear if you do. The indepth biographies circle the relationships, the Light and the Dark, and the uniqueness of the Harry Potter characters - and are bewitching in a most delicious way. Read and relax, traveler, and tell us if you enjoyed your stay.

    < >Please do not take anything, as all is from the creative cranium. This website and all work is 1999-2002 Chako'Lanna Inc. and its designer, Gypsy Silverleaf. All character art is 2001-2002 Meg Kerin unless otherwise stated. Use of information and/or art is strictly prohibited unless written permission has been given.